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2024 Reader Question 73

2024 Reader Question 73 published on 7 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 73

I wasn’t sure how to humanize a barnacle, but then I thought if I were an intelligent barnacle, I’d probably just stick myself onto a friend (in this case a totem green sea turtle) and mooch off them for all the hard work. These two live in the Florida Keys.


This is such a cool concept! Makes me think of other wacky symbiotic/mutualistic/parasitic combos. Totem version of that worm that eats fish tongues and replaces them would be pretty nightmarish!

Awhile back traumatic turnings were mentioned. How traumatic does the event have to be to trigger a turning? Would falling off a cliff trigger an unturned human turning to a winged lion sans medallion? Or could just stress do it, i.e., someone is so overwhelmed at a bad retail job they spontaneously awaken as a bugbear?

I like to imagine a stressed-out unturned bugbear’s most obnoxious coworkers would have bad luck during their shared shifts. Not malice on the bugbear’s part; just “I think my workplace might be haunted” falls under the “if it’s scary, bugbear can do it” category and is weak enough that it might could happen without conscious effort.

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