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The first medallion was probably just a spell loosely attached to a medium that could hold the power, when they got hold of more sophisticated tools thats when they started weaving the spell into the form of the medallion. Befor that the first medallions probably would randomly dysjunction when any amount of spellwork was tossed around.

Honestly, this is my fault. I should have seen this answer coming. Just like asking if someone might have been a bugbear is just to get a bugbear to say “yes” that they were.

Sphinx: Yes, we ask the questions, here! Now, what goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?

Apollyon Hide: *pops up from behind rock* A bugbear!


(Translated from the original ancient Greek.)


I’ve speculated that a sphinx had a sorcerer cast a (notoriously unreliable) spell on him to give him hands (whether in human form or midform). Then, he was able to make the first medallions, probably for sphinxes first. Once there were more medallion-smithing sphinxes, they could start making them for other species.

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