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2024 Reader Question 92

2024 Reader Question 92 published on 4 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 92

While this species of harpy is known to exist, you are almost guaranteed to never see one. They are almost urban legends in the mythical community.

This Saturday I will be at MALL RATS in the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland! If you’re in the area come check out a bunch of cool local artists and maybe pick something up for Mother’s Day!!


I’m amused to see this response to my posting, which was a response to someone else’s question about harpy types.

Whether it’s just the difference in perspective or a deliberate design change, the Celean pictured in RQ#9 of the November ’08 RQs clearly had separate wings and arms, with talon-hands which could rough-comb the hair (at the risk of gouged scalp).

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