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Hey Kory is there such thing as a flying pig in the skindeepverse. According to Greek mythology there was one and was called a Chrysaor.

???? Where did you read that? The only ‘Chrysaor’ I can find from Greek mythology was a human(Chrysaor was his name), and not even a winged one at that.
Apparently he’s Pegasus’ brother-also born from Medusa’s blood.

I looked up ” Greek mythology flying pig” then I hit
And that is how I found it. Although I was looking for a winged pig I think the person you are talking and the Greek flying boar are the same thing or maybe there is another flying boar. Ok so there are apparently two legends of flying boars one of Chrysaor which is also depicted as a person the other is called a sow named after the person who owned the flying pig. I think you can be the judge of which to depict as which. Pheonix.

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