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Have any mythical couples had a kid that turned out seemingly human? That is to say, both parents are mythical but somehow child never experiences a turning.

Are there any combinations that turn into a third mythical? Like… uh, the only example I can think of – if a unicorn and a pegasus had a child, would it be an alicorn?

A hippogryff would need a Gryphon to find a pretty horse, which is presumably something we wouldn’t speak of – unless the horse was a hippocampus and resulted in a sea-griffin, maybe.

I’d imagine not. Going off what’s said here ( you’re either one or the other, not both. The only time crossbreeds happen is when magic shenanigans are involved, and they go sideways. On a similar note, can close species share medallions? For example, not sure if it was ever clarified if common and uncommon gryphons share medallions or have different ones, as well as reverse (inverse?) gryphons

I feel like I’ve read “when they’re old enough” more than once. Is there a reason you don’t give a kid a medallion before 10-ish? Does physical/psychological stunting occur if they transform too soon?

I expect it’s more along the lines of a mythical kid who has all the powers and none of the control or common sense. Like with the practically-indestructible-dangerous-lion situation, or even just like a toddler who keeps happily turning into a unicorn in situations where their parents don’t want humans to see a unicorn. Not everyone lives in the Avalon, most people don’t, and trying to explain why your kid keeps magically turning into a dog or a gryphon or a whatever when someone startles them at playgroup can be difficult, even explaining why they talk about that sort of thing is no doubt difficult.

I’m actually worried about the kid growing up. Imagine if they are a Bohemian Lion, physically, but inherits the Party-Animal Attitude associated with Satyr’s. Particularly since the latter is likely more of a social construct than an inborn personality trait.

The currently-little dude could end up losing their medallion every other week due to drunken escapades and inadvertent property damage.

Nemean lions are the ones who have super strength and have the council confiscate medallions for irresponsible behavior.
Bohemian lions are just sapient lions with forked tails, they’re a heraldic creature.
But I don’t know how the other species handle people doing stupid crap involving medallion use, maybe taking away medallions for a set time is a common punishment.

Ah, my mistake. I forgot the actual name of Nemean Lions, and for some reason mentally went “It’s an X Lion in Skindeep! It must be the invincible ones!”

As for medallion confiscation, I believe that, excusing Nemean Lion’s “I have unreasonable levels of strength and act out easily”, I believe that taking medallions only occurs for people actively trying to expose the existence of mystical creatures and Avalons. Because creating a mass-murder hunt via suicide by mob is something Avalons were made to avoid.

…is it possible for a mythic to inherit, say, their grandpa’s species?

So if the satyr and bohimean lion had been from mixed parents too, so that the kid had, for example, a couple of gryphon grandparents (obviously one on either side), could the kid turn out to be a gryphon too?

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