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*badly lip synched* “Or maybe he has too much sun. I never shure.”

*Freakazoid addresses the animators* “Okay, let’s watch the lip sync, shall we?*

*Cuts to a giant pair of lips floating in water and proceeds to sink to the tune of “Blow the Man Down.”*

Freakazoid: I thank you!

I loved that show, but saying that the humor was ahead of its time is only half true. Much of its humor was references to shows that were already dated in the 90s, let alone today! That said, the wacky random humor totally was ahead of its time and feels a lot like internet random humor

I was working on a comment asking why the first button brought me to December 23, 2009 but I figured out that the questions aren’t part of the main archive before making a fool out of myself, as in I realized it right as I was about to click “Post comment.”

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