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February Reader Question 23

February Reader Question 23 published on 23 Comments on February Reader Question 23

I’m on vacation this week! But don’t worry, reader questions are still going up every day!

“Kory where is the next chapter??” you might be asking. It’s coming! I have a rough draft and need to finesse it. Hopefully it won’t be long now! I think y’all are gonna like it! Thanks so much for all your patience!


Is that martini glass pushing aside her finger webbing or piercing right through it? I’m inclined to think either way. I get the feeling Ms. Peachy has some bad blood against such pseudo-Avalons

Lynn has bad blood against EVERYONE who she thinks doesn’t measure up to her snobbery.

She is right about the Avalon thing, though. The defining characteristic of an Avalon so far (as I know) is that they are places created as refuges for non-humans that needed to leave their natural habitats or homelands because they were unable to blend in to the encroaching human society.

An aquatic refuge, even if hidden through various means, would not be an Avalon unless there was a need for it to be hidden; eg. if it was in a freshwater lake or saltwater inlet (trying to cover my bases here xD) that was frequented by humans.

I am, however, probably using a broader definition than Lynn (and/or possibly Kory) is. From what we’ve seen and heard of European Avalons, they tend to be somewhat close to or even within human settlements. This seems due either to lack of space or being well established before there was a settlement, or even before there was a need to hide at all.

North and South American Avalons, on the other hand, appear to make use of the comparative abundance of space there is between settlements.

Dogpatch, for example, is in a relatively remote location to which humans rarely venture. Not only is it a long drive from the nearest settlement, any traffic that passes by does not loiter about.

In fact, North American Avalons seem to be of two types: the type that is created as a refuge for non-humans who cannot blend in well or at all, such as Dogpatch, and the type that are created as a sanctuary for non-humans who can blend in, but want a place to take a break from humans, like the abandoned theatre Avalon I cannot recall the name of.

Essentially European Avalons (so far) seem to be close to humans because they have little choice, and North American Avalons may be close to humans if it is convenient to be.

Wow that went on off on a tangent. I started this comment to joke that the salt-water Bellends must be really obnoxious if Lynn thinks they are arrogant egotists.

She probably shape-shifted the webbing away so she could hold the glass. She is a buggane after all, they can do that sort of thing.

Lynn, ordinary REAL humans don’t live in Avalons.

I think the point is that Avalons are built in human cities, as a sort of “chinatown” for mythicals. It’s a place where they can be themselves, away from human eyes. An underwater Avalon would just be a town or city inhabited and run by mythicals, not the hiding spot in the middle of humanity that an Avalon is supposed to be.

Anyone in the Avalon watch anime?

Oh man, only Full Metal Alchemist has come out at this point in time. Wait ’til Brotherhood hits…

FullMetal Alchemist would have been going, but by then people from my generation had gotten into series like Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, and that’s just mainstream stuff from the late 90’s-early 00’s and we were getting into the other stuff. My friends had The Slayers on DVD, and I read manga like Naruto, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Petshop of Horrors. Pretty sure Inu-yasha was on the scene by this point too. Would not even be surprised to see a Mythical or two into those types of fandoms, lol.

Matter of fact, if Tobias is a Pokemon fan, I’d bet money he at least watched SOME of the anime, provided he could. Not sure on releases in the UK.

Now I’m curious too though, lol. I second this question! XD

The Ghost in the Shell anime’s been out for a few years by then, I think, too! Wonder if Greg likes/would like it?? And then there’s Digimon, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam, and the early seasons of One-Piece.

This is a surprisingly interesting question xD I bet Tobias either adores or abhors the pokemon anime, probably yells at Ash through the TV. Colin would probably get a kick out of the old Voltron or Transformers shows, if he’s into that kind of thing.

We can safely say that Jim and Greg like anime from their costumes in One-Eyed Bear. Jim was dressed as Spike Speigal from Cowboy Bebop, and I wasn’t too sure on Greg.

Greg’s costume was Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII.
Michelle’s costume was Frank Gorshin as The Riddler from the 1960s Batman TV Series.
Merial’s costume was Johnny Depp as Raoul Duke/Hunter Thompson from ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’

Well, just cause humans don’t live underwater doesn’t mean they don’t explore it. I could see underwater Avalons becoming a thing once Mythicals realized humans are crazy and will go damn-near anywhere they can manage, just too see what’s there. Plus, if it’s in tropical waters near where humans like to vacation? Yeah.

Come now, my lady, must you handle your glass in such an uncouth manner? Hold it by the stem so that your hand does not unduly warm your beverage, as it was intended. And please do so before you are mistaken for “new money.”

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