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February Reader Questions 24

February Reader Questions 24 published on 22 Comments on February Reader Questions 24

There are several monster species that have overcome the “monsters=bad” stereotype and have a generally good reputation in the mythical community and don’t have much problem finding work. Harpies are one of these species. Other humanoid species like gorgons tend to be feared, but can make it work. Non-humanoid monsters, on the other hand, generally have a hard time at it. There are a couple manticores living in the Liverpool Avalon who eke out an existence through busking/begging. In order to help their image, many manticores will amputate or otherwise make their deadly tails safe.


So…they have to mutilate themselves just to be able to attempt to BUSK for a LIVING? :(

People are terrible to each other, no matter the shape…

To be fair, there aren’t that many jobs that can be done without opposable thumbs, or you know, hands.

Actually, I can easily see a modified console for, say, a Manticore to work doing telephone tech support, telemarketing, etc etc.

There is one job that manticors can do. One word wrestling. Yep that’s right wrestling and guess which race would face them. Nimean lion’s.

Congratulations. You have put the mental image of a lion doing a swaton bomb on a manticore into my head.

You’re presuming that human faced Manticores ordinarily speak in a human language.
They don’t.
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Hello, just a thought, but could any of the large quadrupeds maybe have a job as a currier or taxi service? It doesn’t look like vehicles are very common in Avalons, so a carriage taxi might be an employment opportunity for a sad begging manticore.

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