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If you were sentient and looked like that you’d be pretty mopey too. Plus, no hands on top of everything else. How will they ever build their own civilization?

Hm, given that the mock turtle in Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland sang about mock turtle soup, (and if that is a thing) I can see why they would be sad.

Actually mock turtle soup is a real thing. But I don’t think it has any turtles in it so don’t worry. Be happy.

Just kidding about the be happy. Great now I got that song stuck in my head.

yea mock turtle soup was made with cow meat (hence the cow head)

I don’t think that’s why mock turtles have cow heads. I think it is because in most mythologies cows were sacred animals so why not combine them.

This creature reminds me of Otis the goat from Magnus Chase and the Norse God’s. You see if you haven’t read the book yet here is a little spoiler. Otis is a down because he always believes that someone or his master Thor is going to kill him. Which Thor does every night for supper. But Otis and brother Marvin are always reborn again in the morning so they can be killed again by the lord of farts I mean the lord of thunder. ( Thor love to fart. Almost as much as he love stuff on his hammer. And this is from a book it is not related to the movies of Thor which I think are just a little over blown. But that is just my opinion.)

Hey Kory nice job with my sisters RQ.

I’ve always wondered why Jimothy got so tickled over the idea of there being flying reindeer (in “Ridiculous Creatures”, specifically #4), and used as his rationalization “Flying Reindeer were invented in that ‘Night Before Christmas’ book, mate. That was like less than 200 years ago.” Lewis Carroll lived about that time, too, so why does Wonderland exist?

What’s next a half cow half fish?

Just kidding. There is a creature in Greek mythology that is half cow half fish but I can’t remember what it’s name is right now.

I know there’s one that’s half goat and half fish. Speaking of half fish, could we see more characters that have been Nixie Spitified?

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