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2020 Reader Question 20

2020 Reader Question 20 published on 14 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 20

Ike, Alec would make fun of you less if you quit responding SO well to the ribbing.

But seriously, most everyone is allowed into Avalons. Some have wards against some creatures, like the Liverpool Avalon has strong wards in the walls preventing any demons from getting in. That was probably a leftover from the big fancy church in town.

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Makes sense.

Im now just imagining the Grim Bros waltzing into the LA like: “Heylo! We’re just coming in to get the Sphinx and-“ and then everybody (Or security atleast) just dog-piling them.

Can the mythical creatures getting sick thanks to human virusses?

(I always imagen anthro, mythicals, furries etcetera being some kind of super creatures.)

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