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January 2017 Reader Question 3

January 2017 Reader Question 3 published on 22 Comments on January 2017 Reader Question 3

The site should mostly be back up to its old self now! I’m still uploading lost Reader Questions, but if you find a problem somewhere besides the Reader Questions let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

Looks like Jim wouldn’t be bothered at all being a satyr. Greg is…not happy about it.


Aww! I love gryphon Greg! I feel bad, but it makes me want to pity him more! At least the species he is in this universe is semi-human looking! As a gryphon, there’s not an ounce that looks human!

Wait a minute, his medallion broke, right? The most he can do is half shift (quarter shift?), right? As a gryphon, oh dear, he wouldn’t be able to hide that beak and/or wings. His life would actually be very, very different. *hugs gryphon Greg*

Yay! Thank you! I like how Greg kept his sideburns.

Reposting 2 follow up RQs to this pic here, from Patreon.
Could you show us how Michelle would look as a Nixie and how Merial would look as a Sphinx ?
What colour would Jim’s beard and sideburns be as a Satyr? Green like his hair, or sandy-brown as in RQ 8 from January 2012?

I’m looking at the pic, and Jim’s medallion looks like it’s broken the same way Greg’s real one is.
I wonder what part of Jim is stuck looking goaty?

His wings are so tiny and stubby! :3c
More of a logistic question than anything you can draw a picture for, though, Kory:
Do you actually choose questions from the comment section while you’re choosing reader questions, or do you pick them out beforehand and have a functioning list of the ones you’re going to answer?
In short, should we even bother asking RQ’s in the comments?

Why isn’t the entire population of Earth (or almost entire population) unturned if a single mythical ancestor makes you unturned? Are there any species that have become extinct not because of being hunted down, but just people decided not to reproduce?

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