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January 2017 Reader Question 7

January 2017 Reader Question 7 published on 15 Comments on January 2017 Reader Question 7

People don’t generally ask Madam U a lot of questions because they are pretty universally afraid of her. And that’s the way she likes it.

I’m at Further Confusion this weekend! If you’re in San Jose come stop by! Booth 114!


Please could we see Ravi’s true form, to let our eyes absorb his awesomeness!!! ~nekotigerfire

I don’t think he has a true form he is just an immortal wizard like merlin

He definitely has a true form. He’s a Yaksha, which is an indian(I think) nature spirit. His true form could be human-like, but it could also be just about anything. Heck, it could be a tree or a river 9r even a mountain.

I don’t think he’s a wizard in the typical sense, either. He seems to be able to bend reality with mere whimsy, instead of deep concentration and powerful but long winded spell chants.

The shampoo a Gorgon has to use is somewhat caustic, and if proper care isn’t taken, damage to the eyes is inevitable.

The theory is that Gorgon Goggles of some kind are involved, but nobody really knows because everyone who has surprised a Gorgon in a shower has ended up as a garden ornament.

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