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January 2017 Reader Question 8

January 2017 Reader Question 8 published on 16 Comments on January 2017 Reader Question 8

I forgot that I had already drawn a Huldr for a previous reader question, oops! Here’s another huldr! I like them.

I’m at Further Confusion this weekend! If you’re in San Jose come stop by! Booth 114!


The bovine tail I understand, but what’s with that awful wound on her back? It looks painful.

I googled, found Huldra but can’t find the reference to the hollow void.

Some accounts of Huldrs say their back is that of a hollow tree.

Or like a tree with maggots in it. Here,

Humon, describes them better then I do.

Basically they can pretend to be human, but some accounts have it that if you see their back you seem them for the ‘elves’ that they are. And that they can turn to human if they marry a human being or cut of their tails. They can have cow, or fox tails, or human legs or more sayter like legs.

They are pretty interesting.

Ever since Madam U mentioned certain large biiiiird species back in Exchanges I’ve been dyyyyying to see a roc, firebird, thunderbird, quetzalcoatl, hræsvelgr or ziz. ‘Specially one of the first four. ^^

Assumedly all are monsters. So the real question is, besides wanting to see one – how would any of them hide in the modern world? Are they all intelligent enough that they can’t simply be cooped up in an avalon, etc? Okay, let’s just scratch all that (as much as it would be awesome) and ask this: If there -are- huge birds stuck in their natural forms, where would they live where they wouldn’t draw attention to themselves? :D

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