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What are the side affects of excessive magic use when it comes to humans, small alteration like we’ve already seen or does it become extremely invasive to the point of the creation of new monsters? Also, are the magics divided into schools or is it all just under one nebulous term?

Side effects, none.
What you are mistaking as side effects, is susceptibility to magic.
If a magic user is not absolutely thorough and precise in planning and casting, there will be unplanned effects of that magic affecting the magic user, and possibly others. Such unplanned effects from casting magic is what affected Tim and permanently gave him the horns.
Some Mythical races have a very low susceptibility to magic, and magic users from such races could, possibly likely, afford to be less precise in their planning and casting, with the knowledge that unplanned effects will be less likely to affect them.

To answer the other part of the question, Tim, at least, does think that magical accidents and human susceptibility to magic may be why there are so many half-human species out there.

I think that starting from human and adding animal bits may also help explain why there are so many species out there with human-level intelligence. Even in a world with magic I’d find it a bit hard to believe that hundreds or thousands of different species evolved the same intelligence level as a human at around the same time, but if it started as a few species and branched out due to magic, I find that a lot more plausible.

Ooooh! I admit I’m none too familiar with Scottish mythology beyond the Faoladh, so I’m curious as to what else will pop-up in the Skin Deep universe. Nice, Kory!

Does this mean I have to re-read the strips with Lily with a Scottish accent, now?

While were on the subject of accents, do any of the characters have really distinct accents? Like doesn’t Madam U have a Hungarian accent?

Romanian accent.
Page 146 of the Exchanges book.
“This is partially because she’s lived in the Avalon for longer than most everyone else (she has never lost her thick Romanian accent, however), and partly because she is blind: without her petrifying gaze, she is little threat to others.”

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