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January Reader Question 21

January Reader Question 21 published on 11 Comments on January Reader Question 21

You can find tritons on the Cirque Fountain at the Liverpool Avalon! They’re saltwater aquatic creatures like mermaids! Because they have two tails they can sometimes be mistaken for nokks, but they have human-colored upper bodies and no shapeshifting powers. Plus they’re saltwater.


OMG! You were at Further Confusion in San Jose this year, and I didn’t realize it! I was so busy running my little vendor booth in the West Vendor Room, that I never made it to any of the other booths! If you stopped by a booth that was selling fuzzy ears and tails, and Steampunk jewelry and GOGGLEs – that was me! Please tell me if you stopped by and we chatted even if I didn’t realize who you were at the time? SO CRUSHED AT MISSED OPPORTUNITY! Argh! Hopefully you will be there next year!

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