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Reader Questions: Myra’s Siblings

Reader Questions: Myra’s Siblings published on 21 Comments on Reader Questions: Myra’s Siblings

Today’s question is from Patricia! Greg and Merial don’t have siblings (that they know of), but Myra has at least two half-siblings that she knows of.

Despite being fairly solitary creatures, bugbears have a rich cultural tradition that a large majority of them follow. Most bugbears are raised by a single parent, as it is the norm that one parent will leave shortly after a child is born. Under most situations, if the child is female the mother will keep it, and if the child is male the father will keep it. The childless parent will then usually go off to find another relationship and have another child, while the parent that keeps the child will usually not seek out new relationships and focus on raising the child. Because of this, a large number of bugbears have half-siblings, and that mixed with a bugbear’s usual solitary nature has resulted in bugbear families keeping pretty detailed family trees to keep track of everybody (nobody wants to get in a relationship only to find out that you’re related to them).

Bugbears that don’t follow these “rules” are normally ridiculed by other, more “traditional” bugbears.

And now you know too much about bugbear family structure!


Are there any mythical being that you want to put in the story, but have not for whatever reason?

Pick any character you like for these. : )

What is your favorite book? Movie?

What is/was your favorite class in school.

What are you majoring in? (orientations crew for that one:)

What are your hobbies/pastimes.

All pretty basic questions but I’d thought they’d be fun. :)

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