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Reader Question: Michelle’s Midform

Reader Question: Michelle’s Midform published on 16 Comments on Reader Question: Michelle’s Midform

Sorry I haven’t done a reader question in awhile! My buddies Sfé Monster and Magnolia Pearl and Sheana Molloy have been hanging out with me for the past week so I have been busy!


…All that complaining about the lack of pants, and she’s wearing a skirt :P I kid. Love her comments. I love both Tony and Michelle, so either way when the comic switches over, I’ll be happy to see the one again, but sad to see the other go.

She kinda looks like she’s wearing fuzzy boots and armwarmers XD Kinda surprised you didn’t go with the more paw-like hands, but I guess when you have so many characters like that, it’s good to vary things up a little. Plus, all the better for typing on her laptop!

Is there a forum for asking ‘reader questions’ or do I have to send my questions by email?

Also, I really love the comic. I’ve been reading it since it started. Hope it doesn’t fall under Completed on Belfry anytime soon.

You can ask them right here. : )

And don’t worry, this comic will be going on for a long time.

Thank you.

Now I think my question for the comic shall be: Are there going to be any Kushtaka?

Question details: I don’t think Kushtaka should be truly mean in nature like they are told of in the Alaskan stories. At least if and when I come up with my version of their stories the Kushtaka won’t be blood thirsty monsters.

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