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Reader Questions: Insects

Reader Questions: Insects published on 23 Comments on Reader Questions: Insects

Oh man I haven’t drawn Bhadraksh in ages, but he’s showing up in the next chapter of Skin Deep so I thought it would be okay to show him off a bit before his official appearance. He’s actually a poor example of a mythical insect because I kinda sorta completely made up his species and then retrofit him to fit a couple of old myths.

Prester John, the guy that Madam U’s shop is named after, was the rumored (aka not real) Christian King of India and he described loads of fantastic beasts that lived in India. It’s kind of a weird thing, since these are all European myths about far away lands, and India itself never had any of this folklore, but I liked it enough to try to work some of it into Skin Deep. The Noseless Ones were one of the creatures described as living in India, and I decided that it would be a big insect person.

Bhadraksh is a character I’ve had since high school, but big props needs to go out to DimeSpin, because her insect creatures inspired me to give him a much more insectoid appearance (before he kinda just looked like a human with four arms and antennae, which was pretty boring).

And now you know too much about a creature that will have hardly any screen time in the next chapter! Yay for reader questions!


Soo…what happens if someone has voldephobia? Fear of those without noses?

The fear of noses is “rhinophobia”, not “voldephobia”.

If you think about it, that’s why the viruses (there are about 200 different ones that cause the same symptoms) are known collectively as “rhinoviruses”.

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