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RQ 1: Baby Monsters

RQ 1: Baby Monsters published on 16 Comments on RQ 1: Baby Monsters

I’m putting the first reader question up a little early today because i am leaving SUPER EARLY tomorrow to get on a train back to Portland and I don’t want to think about it! Take that!

I can’t say no to drawing stupid baby animals, so here are four infant monsters. Baby gorgons are generally kept blindfolded until they can learn how to control their stoney eyesight. FUN FACTS. Also they are all girls (well the manticore might not be, but the other three are).

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If all harpies are female, and are also all monsters and thus denied a medallion to look human; where do baby harpies come from?

I know this is a strange question but, where in mythology does it say Gorgons have wings? In a lot of renditions they look like Nagas or Lamias. I just wanna know where the wings come from

It’s been looking to me like mythology got a lot of things wrong; the myths I know state that Gorgons turn people to stone because Gorgons are so ugly, not because of the Gorgons’ actual powers. (Although, on the subject of wings, I do think I remember one version of Gorgons having “brazen claws and wings”.)
I’m good with different versions, especially ones which aren’t so human-centric.
Of course, YMMV.

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