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Never call a Lamia a Naga and vice versa. They are very particular about that.


This question just popped in my head so I thought I’d ask…
wouldn’t there be some sort of copyright thingy with basing your
card game of of Alic in Wonderland? as it’s only “based” on I
doubt it but thought it’d be a question worth asking all things considered o3o

What is the difference between a shapeshifter’s powers and a medallion? Do shapeshifters have to be at a certain age before theycan use their shapeshifting, or is that just in Ike’s case? Saw that nagas were listed as shapeshifters, and got curios enough to finally ask.

As I understand it, the medallions hold some long dead magic user’s illusionary magic, which can be used by compatible individuals. Shapeshifters have the magical ability to change their true form. Because of that, I imagine shapeshifting takes a good amount of time to learn. I mean, think about how long it takes us to get to walking and talking, or to learn to read and write (everyone learns at ABOUT the same time, but it’s different for everyone). Any skill takes years to master, and some people are not compatible with certain skills (there’s a million reasons why someone might never master something, no matter how much effort they put into it) while others excel in them naturally in those same skills. I imagine there’s some shapeshifters who learn at a fairly young age and others who don’t catch on for a while.

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