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RQ 13 – Fullform Ike

RQ 13 – Fullform Ike published on 17 Comments on RQ 13 – Fullform Ike

Ike has some body issues and those mixed with physical shapeshifting makes getting into this shape a pain in the ass and Ike doesn’t do it unless it’s absolutely necessary.

(Ike was originally created by Sheana Molloy nevar 4get)

Also look what is nearly funded!!!! COMPLETELY FUNDED, HOLY CRAP.

Even if it gets funded before the time limit runs out, the Kickstarter will keep running until September 19th, so if you want a 10 dollar pack of Borogove cards, this is the place to get them!


That’s too bad he doesn’t like to look that way. Though I don’t remember seeing many of them in four-legged forms to begin with, all the characters seem to have a dislike for that.

Jeez, that dip in the spine can NOT be good for the bone structure. It even looks a little painful, like he’s all hunched up or something, or like half of his body’s too small for his other half.

…Wow, let me just take that massive foot out of my mouth… Sorry, Ike. I still love you. This is just one of the weird ways of expressing my care.

It’s entirely possible that it hurts to be in this form since presumably magic is the only thing that keeps an otherwise non-viable pairing’s offspring viable.

That’s interesting to consider now that I think about it, because in real life there’s many reasons that we don’t have cat/dog hybrids running around, not the least of which being that cats and dogs don’t generally get along. But even if they did manage to overcome every other barrier, usually the genetic data of two different species is not compatible.

But through the power of magic, Ike exists. One could see this as something of a small miracle, if we wanted to put a nice spin on it. That there were quite a few reasons Ike might not have ever been born, but he does exist and that’s very cool.

If we wanted to put less of a nice spin on it, Ike is… impossible. Literally should not be. He might be a new species, thanks to magic~

Same goes for Tony, world’s first bloke harpy.

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