Bugbear Talisman 9: The Payoff

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Kory. You’re giving us plot twists that are backwards plot twists. What is this. XD

We go throughout the entire comic expecting the unexpected and then the expected comes along leaving us surprised that the unexpected never came! You are a very clever storyteller.

Oh dear god. Honey + fur.

I was going to say that.. :p

Which brings us to an interesting question, if he uses his medallion, cleans up considerably easier and changes back, what happens?

Meh, he would still need to get it out of his hair. He’ll get what’s on his face and shoulders off easier, but the overall cleanup is still going to be pretty frustrating.

Well, you also have to remember that the human appearance is an illusion. Even if he went full human it’d still be as hard to get out.

I do recall the characters talking about the change as if it were an illusion, but that can’t be the whole story. If it were a mere illusion, their real bodies would continue to physically interact with their surroundings. It would be noticeable, and even if no one else realized something odd was going on, they themselves would necessarily be conscious of the fact that their bodies are not what they appear to be. I don’t see how it would be possible to reconcile that with Michelle having no idea she wasn’t human until reaching college.

Not sure how it works out but… wasn’t there a similar thing going on in the anime Wolf’s Rain? They weren’t really humans, just illusions of humans – it has been a long time since I watched that show, I don’t remember how the wolf’s in human clothing interacted with everything.

I’m a bit late with this, but…
The medallion magic is an illusion, but it’s a tangible one. It’s sort of like the holo-deck on Star Trek: it’s not made of conventional matter, but it behaves as if it is. So when he’s human he still has fur, but not physically.

I think that if the medallion’s magic can trick the laws of physics into thinking Alec is, like, one eighth his real size, it can make it easier to clean honey off the bits of him that are not hairy in human form.

For the curious, the 1408 references a Stephen King short story, in which a reporter investigates a purportedly haunted hotel room. Seeing as it’s a King story, you might be able to imagine where things go.

And I can see references to a the classic British comedy Rising Damp >:=)> Look at those walls! Anyway, presumably the detective work will begin now, as The Sweeney Kings of Nowhere get on the case of The Pink Prankster. >:=D>

lol, LOVE the Winnie the Pooh reference!!! also, that hallway outside the apartment looks like the place Alec would love to live.

Ow… Wasn’t that several pounds of honey? Wouldn’t that not only be sticky, but really hurt?

Not really. It was spread pretty evenly over his head – I’ve had 15 pound sacks of things fall on me, and it’s fine. It’s only when it’s one singular object that can bring the entire weight to a single point of contact.

What I really love about these pages is that they display that here we are, sitting here wishing we were gryphons who could fly or bugbears who are awesome or any other number of things, even if you’re a spiffy mythic animal, you can still have that same wish. Grass is always greener, right? She might be a spiffy adorable goat-legged glaistig, but she is intensely into bugbears. Which she will never be.

Great expressions as ever :) the last panel in particular, Ike’s :I face made me Lol

Nice references too (i love geeky stuff like that..) no one has mentioned the reference to The Resident’s in the last 3 panels tho :)

Wait what? This is a straightforward story of what would happen if a prankster became immune to bugbear radar? I really wasn’t expecting that.

Did Ike’s nose change from being pointy to huge and hooked between pages, or is that just his face going all manticorey? Regardless, I LOVE IT.

Speaking of noses, I realize the charm worked for hiding her but… did neither of them smell the big bucket of honey???

I think He had it coming, But I would like to watch him come up from behind as the underdog…although make the jerk work for it. Besides. As adorable as she is with her taste in pranks It should not take him to long to track her down.

This is a question about something I just noticed from the previous page. Alec’s paws and claws are gigantic. How did he fit them into his pockets like that?

My guess is that Alec has pretty fine control of his mid-form. When he feels like sticking his hands in his pockets, they’re human-sized enough to fit.

It’s probably one of those huge tube shaped pockets that some hoodies have. His paws and claws probably fit okay in there, even if it’s a bit snugger than a human hands would be.

For some reason, looking at this scene and thinking of the resulting need-to-clean-up aftermath (honey + fur, “shudder”) and how Alec could clean himself, an image of Alec being held down by an especially large, motherly cat and licking him clean keeps popping in my head. With him protesting in vain. (“Mom! Mom, your messing up my mane!”)

Along that same line of thought, it would be totally hilarious if Alec had a nemean lion (or some other mythical feline) girlfriend somewhere…which would make getting cleaned up a completly different order of fun. ^_^

I wouldn’t put it past Alec to find a way to give the metaphorical finger to Lily by turning her prank into something he enjoys.

Would a large motherly bear work for you? Because there are a couple of old pieces on Kory’s deviantArt of a Bugbear girl Alec dates at some point. She’s seen here ( http://korybing.deviantart.com/art/A-Halloween-Comic-68664777 ) with Alec telling a bad Halloween joke, and a portrait of her in midform is part of an old alphabet meme here ( http://korybing.deviantart.com/art/Skin-Deep-Alphabet-Meme-97788870 ) U is for Ursula.

Of course, until she shows up in the comic, any details about her, including her existence really, is subject to change. Case in point, in that alphabet meme, J is for Jack. He is way paler in that meme than he has been since he showed up in the comic for the first time in Exchanges. Lots of other characters had tweaks to their names, appearances, and backstories between the first art posted of them and their introduction in the comic, too.

Well he does have a part feline friend right there… Though I think he’d be even more nervous about getting licked over by a manticore.

It would be funny if one day someone countered one of Alec’s bugbear theories by saying the person in question was a different creature entirely. “H. P. Lovecraft was a nokk. I thought everyone knew that.”

She planned it good, I thought it was gonna be rigged for the front door, but it was for his bedroom door. And Winnie the Pooh Hunny bucket lol

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