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Hope the con was a blast Kory! :)
I’m looking at this page and wondering, was it an effect of the unpredictable magic in the woods, why Jim had that very sudden height increase when he turned 13?

And thus began the fateful journey which ended with Lorne spending the next year as a goat.

Mr. “Gunner” Chekhov would like to point out that the adult Rupert *somehow* acquired a human-phobia …….

To some people, “Exciting” means fun. New things, new experiences, an exhilarating loss of control over the situation.

For others, “Exciting” means bad times. Strange things, unexpected experiences, a terrifying loss of control over the situation.

I feel like the kids who’s “read lots of books” might have a sense for just how bad disregarding instructions in a fairy-tale like situation is. :P

The one who loved reading was Lorne. He’d read both Alice in Wonderland, and Through The Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, and REMEMBERED what was in both.
And yeah, Lorne should be the one to realise that it’s breaking the rules that causes Stories. Unfortunately, Jim just wants to be able to show off to Lorne, and Rupert is getting in the way of a chance to do that.

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