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I was expecting her to freak out or be scared with that of Martha being a ghost dog, but she’s dealing with it quite well.

Yaay! It must be “now” in America again!

Martha makes me think of Nanny in Peter Pan. Biig fluffy dog.

What does she eat I wonder?

I’m not sure what you mean by “now in america”!

The lightswitch, Kory
UK property, US configured lightswitch.

Light switches can be installed upside down, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that that is what happened here. The house is old and was probably wired by amateurs. It certainly wouldn’t be the first upside down light switch I’ve ever seen.

HA! No, I wouldn’t call this “wired by amateurs”. Just “wired by somebody not paying attention”.

“Wired by amateurs” would have to be the apartment I used to live in, when I was working for Texas A&M-Commerce.

The only light switch that actually controlled the lights in the room it was in, was the switch in the master bathroom.

The switch for the kitchen was in the laundry room.
The switch for the laundry room was in the living room.
The switch for the living room was in the kitchen.
The switch for the master bedroom was in the hallway outside the bedroom.

I’m not joking… except for that one light switch in the master bath, every switch controlled the lights in some OTHER room.

Either the people who wired the electric were amateurs, or they were doing drugs.

My parents’ new house had something similar, with a lot of switches set up to be hit as you were entering the appropriate area, rather than if you’re already in there and think “it’s getting dark.” We wound up putting post-it labels on all of them until people adjusted.

Another possibility occurred to me while I was re-reading this: If you have a space like a hall or a stairway or a large room, you may want to be able to turn the lights on or off from either end; that’s what 3-way switches are for. They have to be designed for it, and the wiring isn’t as simple, but it’s practical. Then, it doesn’t matter if the switch is pointing up or down, but whether it’s pointing in the same direction as its mate.
Granted, we haven’t seen such paired switches yet, but are they actually ruled out?

Well, in Oz, we have to wait for ten/eleven hours for America to catch up and have the same day as us. There is a running gag of my friends asking “hey, is it “now” in America yet?”. In other words, we’re wondering if the time zone has swung ’round to the point where the good people of the two American Continents are in the same day as us. It’s not a criticism, it’s a celebration. Most webcomic reading is done in the afternoon, after work, anyhow. But it’s a standard shorthand comment for Australians.

I’m sorry if I’ve worried you with the light switch thing: We’re currently renovating our house, and so I’m noticing them more. If it helps, they often do get installed upside down. Plus there was a house in Tasmania which had some hanging light pulls, and some switches, in the same room, for the same lights. Pull the light pull, then turn it off at the wall on the way out, and hey presto, it’s upside down till you do the reverse. No big.

>What does she eat I wonder?

Isaac: She does not!
Isaac: Shut up!

Perhaps she eats Fear, Hyde! That would cause you all sorts of problems…

The ghost of a bone perhaps? It would make it easier to feed her. Eat a good lamb roast for dinner yourselves, then serve her the ghost of the leg bone for breakfast.

Michelle’s either drifting back to human, or at least a wingless midform. I’ve noticed that wings kind of come and go with everyone else in the house, except maybe the mother.

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