Handshakes 20: Jon and Paul


Oh, there was a Gryphon in the Wonderland series, wasn’t there? Took a little bit for me to remember that. Does the family curse come from the mother’s or father’s side of the family?

Probably father’s (assuming names are patrilineal for griffins), considering Jimmy-boy talks about it being a famous curse in the Finn’s. However, if names were matrilineal, that’d be cool.

Leading me to wonder again – How do you drink well out of a coffee cup with a beak?!
The usual scooping motion a bird uses won’t cut it as you’d hit the far side of the cup.
Visions of the beak turning briefly to lips for each sip….

huh…… seems like Avalons have significantly better cleaning crews than any town I know. or does no one litter in the Avalon? After all, there’s a distinct lack of shoes. I would certainly hope there’s no broken glass to step on…

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