Exchanges: Hello Goodbye

Yay! It’s time for the last chapter of Exchanges to begin! I’m real excited about this! I don’t have much else to say about this page other than “MAN I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT.”


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I did a little happy dance when I saw you update on DA! I gotta say, I really missed SD. Hope you enjoyed your break! c:

I hope Tony hasn’t been sitting there lonely this whole time. D':

Oh…. Someone needs to cheer poor Anthony up. Maybe that nice looking Faun (Deer Woman? Greek or Native American? I’m thinking Faun because of the spots. I suppose she’d be underage as a White Tail if she’s still got spots…).

She looks adult enough to me, although possibly a little drunk. I expect that the Avalons follow their own rules anyway. As for someone coming across to Tony, it looks like everyone here is a regular, and is grouped and having fun with their friends at the moment. Abigail is probably keeping an eye on him at least, and there will be people coming to the bar for top-ups. Increasingly merry people – reddit virum curialem, probum, animosum and all that. If someone with nobody else to talk to appears, Tony might end up with some (quite possibly unwanted) company.

That’s a point: there don’t seem to be any of those worrisome human newcomers visible. Yet.

You’ll remember when Abby and Paul talked about it(well, Abby talked; Paul ranted), Abby said the plan was still months from implementation.

As such, I suspect it truly would be worrisome if human newcomers were there yet.

I just happened across this site about a week ago out of the blue. Are the time stamps between the end of the last chapter and the start of this chapter accurate? Has it been a year off?

It’s been a month, not a year. : ) Check the timestamps closer: December 27th 2010 and January 31, 2011. I only take hiatus’s between chapters, and the chapters usually take about a year to tell.

Sorry, that was a typo, I meant month. I’m not sure why I typed year? Maybe just not paying attention. So it’s normally about a month between chapters then?

I usually take a break when a chapter ends (usually about a month) to get ready for the next chapter and to also give myself a little bit of a break. : )

So just curious – are those satyrs different than Greg’s type of satyr, or are they using their medallions to have human hands?

(I love seeing all these characters. They look so good!)

I would like to second this question.

The faun from the Narnia movie, Mr. Tumnas, had human hands while the faun in this picture clearly has three.

Also, the satyr from the Percy Jackson series, Grover, had human hands. Greg had three, while the satyrs in this image also have human hands.

Is this due to variances in how a satyr is depicted or is there more than one kind of satyr, and if there are, what kind of satyr are these?

probably using their medallions. When Greg was practicing his banjo he had five fingers rather than three hoof-like fingers. It’s probably easier to hold their beer with human hands than the ones that Greg usually has

Yay new comic! Looking forward to another awesome chapter this year :D

Poor Tony, he’s been moping there for a while now…I hope someone manages to cheer him up soon. Blanche is busy having fun on the drums XD Eleanor is being adorable lapping her drink out of her glass. Jim…looks surprisingly good in that shirt.

How does tony drink beer with his wing arms? must be annoying having to move your entire arm(wing) everytime you wanna use your hand

How do YOU drink beer? I usually lift my whole arm to my face. I think people are concerned about his feathers getting in the way? But if you only use your hand, do you drop your face into your mug? Comical. :D


*Leaps out of pillow fort to do a dance* Updaaatee~

:3 I like how in the background Alec looks like he’s watching Anthony.

Also, is that a Naga I see in the third panel (the one with the arrows)?

Hey! The chick in the blue shirt dancing with the nixie/nokk is a water horse. Right? She’s got the fins on her arms and stuff like Ike (and he’s half water horse I think.)

I think you’re thinking buggane. Ike’s mom is a buggane, as we saw in Reader Questions. They’re natural shapeshifters and look kinda like finned horses. Water horses are a Celtic beast with some shapeshifting abilities (depending on the story). They look like either black or gray horses, can stand on land, the air, or underwater, and their manes and tails are always wet. If you touch them, you can’t stop unless they let you. They’ll kill anyone who rides them. They are my favorites ^_^

hmm. I for sure thought Tony and Lorne were going to exchange some words, but I appear to be wrong. Oh well, I still think that Tony should get a drink or two in him to relax a little maybe?

Next few strips: In a fit of deus ex machina, Tony’s mom comes to the bar to party, and she sees her son all feather-ified sitting at the bar; see, she knew because of Anthony’s father, but never told him for whatever reason; either that, or she has a secret herself… Blanche somehow never knew, and no one else recognized Anthony as her son!

I’ve got it all figured out, I do!

…or not, probably. =P

Tony is an ‘ugly duckling’. Ugly ducklings turn into swans. Tony’s father is the Greek god Zeus, doing the ‘swan’ thing.

This neatly explains why there is a ring of Tony (and Blanche); it’s a ‘CYGNET’ ring. Right?

Thank you. I’m here all week.

Well it could be that neither Tonys parents knew they were something other than human. She could find him be featherfied (or if he gets an amulet to let him appear human), touches him or amulet he receives, and then next thing she knows she being featherfied too :P

Even if that’s true, it would not be a good idea to use his amulet for her turning, assuming such a thing is possible.

It’s been stated that once you’re turned, you can’t get another amulet, and as such, two people having to share one amulet would make for very problematic situations in the human world.

In regards to the last reader question with the as of yet unseen monsters, would you recant the non-sentience of Hippocampi for a $20 tip..? They’re our favorite monsters and we’re all bummed that they wouldn’t be sentient. :`(

I just discovered this comic yesterday.

I have read the whole thing and am eagerly awaiting more!

It has been really fun watching your art and design style change and improve through the comics. You have reached a level that I can only dream about, and I can only see you getting better. :)


Typical! only now after checking this site every Tuesday for the entire hiatus (cos I somehow missed the message about it) I don’t check it just one Tuesday, and what happens?? It updates!! Silly me :D

Anyways am loving your work and want to see what happens to poor anthony. and heres hoping he reconciles properly with blanche, too. Pleasee let him have fun?? Wish i could buy some of your stuff, but living in the uk, without a job i c ant really afford too :( – ill probably end up buying as much as i can when i do get a proper job though :D

Re-re-reading the archives- panel one “Ravi’s Eastern Curiosities” – isn’t Ravi the person Dad(Michael?) told Michelle to go to? To help/warn whoever? Like, _here_ ?

WAIT A SECOND. It seems that The Four Horsemen are playing– with Blanche on drums. But in the character info, it says that Elise Driver is the drummer for Four Horsemen. So what’s going on? Did Blanche kill her and take her place in the band?! :O

Take her place in the band that evening, definitely. Paul was able to get that set up in the afternoon.

Take her place in the band permanently, possibly.
You have the flareup with Zech that made her not want to play that evening. Learning that Blanche was able to take her place with no problems, would likely anger her more. More arguments with Zech, with an end game of Elise being formally removed form the band and Blanche permanently in.

As for Blanche killing her, as far as we know, he has not.

-was nice to know you, now I find myself without you ~♪

I feel sorry for Anthony and Blanche. For one I know myself how hard it is to tell someone something you’ve had to keep secret your whole life and while I can’t personally relate to the idea of taking badly to turning into a harpy/other mythical being I do get the whole sudden change-information overload thing and that he’s scared of not seeing his mum again and everything so I think this is all just really hard of them both. I hope things can be sorted out at some point whatever that ends up entailing.

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