Handshakes 25: Kiss Kiss


I’ve just started reading this comic and I think it’s great! Only, it’s starting to become hard to read with all the bi-erasure, mostly in the comments.
I mean, yeah sure, people can have a fluid sexuality, and can be heteroflexible, but why the “half gay”? It’s rude and is used to erase bisexuals all the time. Why must bisexual-looking characters always be labeled as “complicated” or half this or that? Urgh, and I was really starting to love this comic :(

This hurts me, but I’ll see if I can continue reading this.

I’m sorry about that! This particular page went online about 6 years ago and I would like to believe I’ve gotten a lot better at writing since then. There are a lot of embarrassing things about this particular arc that I’m not super proud of, and that joke (and all the jokes lobbed at Blanche) is one of them. I hope you continue reading! Thank you!

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