Heartaches 32: Bleedin’ Anarchists

Hey guys we’re back! Sorry I didn’t update last week, I was having Halloween/Birthday fun with Sfé Monster and Magnolia Pearl and I screwed up on the planning and didn’t have an update ready. But we’re back to normal now! Hooray!

Oh Paul, are you ever happy?

ALSO EVERYBODY. I am doing COMMISSIONS. Check it out check it out:



If you’re interested you can email me at kory at korybing dot com, or if you have a deviantART account you can note me!


I love the last panel, showing us how people with wings would wear a “normal” button up shirt. that is ingenious!!

I think having the button near the bottom would be easier (I can reach the back of my belt easier than between my shoulders, and I haven’t got wings in the way) or it could be left free from the rest of the shirt, but a belt loop on the bottom.

Having the button at the top gives the fabric a little more support. It’s got great bloody wings pressing down on it, after all. I imagine that tearing clothes is a bit of a problem, given how diverse a single creature can make their midform.

These commissions contain great justice in an array of fantastic colours that rainbows weep in envy for!

Also love the frazzled hair in panel two!

Anarchists do accept money, you just need to know what to tell them when you give it to them. Something along the lines of buying everything the government has forbidden purely on principal.

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