Hello, Goodbye 12: Everything David Says is Crap

New page new page! It’s a little light on backgrounds but I think it makes up for that by having a ton of panels and dialog I HOPE YOU ENJOY.

Also, I replaced the Blog with my Tumblr, which gets updated far more often than the wordpress blog ever did. I’m trying to do a thing where I’ll answer one or two Reader Questions every week, so if you have any questions, drop me a line! The first question one was answered yesterday, and it’s about Eleanor’s cat, Anyroad!


Question: what exactly IS David? I’ve been wondering for a while and I’m not sure if anyone else has asked or if it’s been explained and I somehow missed it, so, sorry if that’s the case.

BTW Lorne’s face on the last panel is priceless!

That’s a tongue? I thought it was a straw. XP

its not a tongue, persay, so much as probably a proboscis, basically a natural straw that insects like butterfly have, for drinking in nectar and other such fluids, and a number of other animals, give wikipedia a look for more info.

Heh. Love the attempted explanation by the Beetle dude, and how quickly it’s brushed off. Been reading for a while now, just finally dropped in… Figured I’d say I bloody love your comic.

I love all of the faces on this page and the Avalon rule.
Yay Bhadraksh! I’ve completely forgotten how to pronounce his name.

I wasn’t expecting backstory to my question about Eleanor and Anyroad, nice little icing on the cake. Thanks for the responce! I couldn’t stop laughing at Anthony’s face on panel 3 and Lorne on the last panel. Priceless! xD

Great work even when it’s a wall of dialogue, it’s still an important wall of dialogue! :) I must point out though, panel 4 to 5, the ouzelum bird-man David changes his hand to a wing to a hand again (by panel 6). Either that or I don’t know what I’m looking at..

“Bug monster, got it.” I think Anthony is finally starting to accept his little change. A zillion questions but at least he isn’t yelling or freaking out or being depressed. Yay for learning!

Argh hate coming up with examples on the spot, even easy stuff like ‘List colours of grass’. Brains are silly.

Shadrask does look alot like a robot though :o

Also am i right in thinking that the giant scarab live somewhere under egypt in some sort of giant burrow?

Bhadraksh kinda does look like a robot in a way, lol. I’d ask how he talks with that weird mandible mouth of his, but I’ll just assume “magic” like most things :P

Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer Anthony without his hat. Not that his hat is bad, but I like the way he looks without it.

Truth be told, it was a while before I actually tried to read his name and kept mentally pronouncing it Bangladesh.

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