Hello, Goodbye 24: Jim is an Ass

Jim is kind of an ass always. Also he has magic hair, for those of you who forgot/didn’t read One-Eyed Bear.



MAYBE YOU SHOULD BUY IT??? There is at least one drawing of Jim and Lorne making out in it, if that is the sort of thing that interests you (but don’t buy it just for that because you will be disappointed).


I looked at it without reading at first and thought he was going to give his hair to Lorne. “That’s sweet? O_o”

I thought that at first but then that would be pretty self-centered. I mean, the memories of them together and I’m sure pictures and stuff he probably has tons of. A locket of hair? That is way too sappy and basically a totem saying ‘wait for me’ when what Lorne really needs to do is move on.

Oh god, Stanley, you dumb ass… You know, the way you did the light of the backgrounds is really beautiful. Shiny. 8D

And now Lorne can plait his hair up for him again. Nice! Jim should have recovered his hair tie, though. It might represent a choking hazard. >:=)>

I wonder whether Jim is able to keep his flicknife (as Brits call it) somewhere that is intangible when he is in human form. The only legitimate reason that you can have for carrying such a weapon is if you are deep sea fishing, where, if you hook something too big and dangerous, and have to cut your line, you will need a pocketable blade that you can draw and open with one hand. Otherwise, it’s a criminal offence, and Jim will surely have been a magnet for stops and searches by bored policeman ever since his Green Curse struck.

Copper: Excuse me, sir, could you stop a minute?

Jim: Not again…

Copper: I have reason to believe you are in possession of an offensive weapon, and I happen to have this shard of bone caught betWeeN mY TeETH RIGHHT HEERE***!!!

Jim: Fine. Just don’t drool on the handle this time. You know, if you’d just stop eating roadkill while on duty…

I can just imagine gargled out nom sounds coming from Stanly as she tries to eat the hair.

Om nom nom. Nom nom. Nom nom nom.

Wow, that hair really grows fast! I think that could be usefull, like to make a makeshift rope or something.

He could sell green hair wig for living. :P

For a time, perhaps, but sooner or later, someone’s going to ask questions about his ability to come up with so much hair so quickly… and then, when he passes it off as collecting from a large number of people, secondary questions will arise as to why ALL of the hair is green.

Then comes the suspicions, and the forensic examinations, and the discovery that green is in fact the natural color of the hair(or as natural as it can be, seeing as how it’s cursed)…

And in this age of information, you can’t just pack up and start over someplace else; not when your product is as distinctive as wigs that ONLY come in green.

It isn’t that difficult to come up with hair dye after you initially make the money. Certainly, if you have a large business selling hair they’ll ask questions but little online shops and sales at specific events (conventions, etc.) the likelihood that anyone will look into it/care is almost zero.

That being said if I was Jim I’d almost be found in giant piles of green hair, giggling like a maniac. I’d probably be too lazy to start any serious operation.

Yes, but “little online shops” and “sales at specific events” are rarely if ever a way to make a living.

It could be a nice little hobby-job on the side, but it’s not a living.

I like to spindle spin. I wonder if his hair is as fine as it looks? human hair is kind of coarse, and I imagine that lion mains are too, but he’s also magical, so maybe he has awesome angora hair.


(I want Jim's curse. I wouldn't even mind being stuck with green, even though I prefer my natural colour and purple. Heck, when it got tangled, I could just cut out the tangles instead of having to pick them loose, and 4.5 years of growth wouldn't go away like *snaps*.)

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