Homecoming 7: Family Resemblance

It has been a long time since I’ve drawn a sphinx! Oh happy days are here again. Michelle I love your terrible awkward face.



btw Merry early Christmas and the tattoo sounds awesome. Now back to our regularly scheduled AAAAAAAAHHH

Holy hell! I don’t normally say this about webcomics – granted I don’t normally say this cnocerning comics – but those last two panels made what may very well be one of the best moments I’ve seen in a comic.

But… But she DOESN’T! Wrong kinda Sphinx!

Hey, Greg can finally take his hat off. That’s worth something too, right?

Too true. I just flipped through the entire beginning of the thing to find a picture of him…Oo he doesn’t have wings!

Well since with a medalion one can appear between Full Form and Human, perhaps his choice of half form is without wings, Feathers require a lot a preening to keep in good flight condition you know. (Is there such a thing as 3/4 form?)

In her dream state, he does look very much like an egyptian sphinx whereas Michelle looks more like a Greek Sphinx.

The midform is anywhere between the human and fullforms, so it all depends on how much human and how much creature you would choose to be in your midform.

Jim stated, back when he was explaining the concept of the half-form, that medallions allow their wearers to take any form between human and their full, true form. So, in conclusion, 3/4 form is completely possible.

But if you go further into the comic, to the part where Jim is explaining about “The Great War”, all the male sphinxes are wingless, only the females have wings.

You (or rather Sfe) were absolutely right to cut off the page at those panels. That last line makes for a far more effective cliffhanger than the face would have been.

Not that the Michelle face wasn’t bad, mind you.

Sorry but I have to disagree. Kory your instincts were right. The strip would have been better with the extra frame. Momma Jocasta drops a bomb shell and the expression on Michelle’s face is the explosion! The cliff hanger is where are all the pieces going to land. And Kory, that look on Michelle’s face says so much. I think The BrigeedaRocks position is probably more oriented toward the story, whereas I am very much into the character Michelle.

Excellent story twist Kory!

So the mom knows about her husband being a sphinx? Aw i would love to know that I was on the right track with her dad making medallions. XD Love the work as always keep it up!

That would make an incredible story twist but I think there might be another plausible explanation. If he was full sphinx, no other kinds of parents, and Michelle is only half spinx, assuming her mom was full human, then perhaps without the illusion Michelle shares substantially more features with her dad than she did with the illusion; and with the illusion she shares more features with her mom.
After all with Jim and Blanche’s hair colors we know some characteristics of the real form bleed over into the illusion, mom could just see more of her husband in Michelle’s real form than with the illusion.
It would also fit slightly, if her mom did not know and thought she was going crazy she would find it incredibly weird to see her husband in the delusion.

Though I would still bet on what you said, it seems more likely Kory would go that route :]

But she isn’t HALF sphinx she’s a Grecian sphinx. and what she looks like has nothing to do with her being a sphinx. Children always have attributes of their parents. Plus her mother probably went through the same thing Tony did (minus the transformation).

I love how her mother ages so much in about two seconds. It’s amazing what’ll happen when too much happens at once.
I kind of figured that something like this was going to happen. Either this or the heart attack.
Also, you still are amazing at drawing Sphinxes.

She probably also spontaneously developed a half-dozen institution-worthy mental disorders. *If* Kory was a total bastard and the series was much more depressing this event would break Mama Jo, and her “you look just like Michael” comment would be her first blissful steps into total denial, where she’s seeing her “baby” rather than the crazy cat lady.

it’s going to be nice to finally get some answers about the sphinx race,
maybe there are more out there :)
p.s i love sphinx michelle in long sleeves

Am I the only one who was waiting to see the cat’s reaction to Michelle going all cat-bird monstery?

Brilliant page though Mrs. Bing. Those last two pages are heart wrenching. Can’t wait for the next page!

Oh, my! I forgot all about the kitty. I think it would depend on the cat’s temperament. Maybe he/she would see Michelle as: a) Another giant kitty. b) A giant bird to eat. Or c) A big, freaky cat-bird monster to run away from.

Oh, I forgot about the cat, too!
I would like to add d) complete indifference (provided Michelle smells the same as human or sphinx, from the cat’s point-of-view, er, point-of-smell?)

Well, if we’re going all technical, even as a predator itself, the cat will probably see Michelle as a threat that could injure it; something larger, new, and different, and would likely freak out at first and run away.

I click on skin deep, WOO new comic! Start reading and my reaction goes “ohhh dea-AHHHHHHHH STUFF IS HAPPENING” This is probably one of the most…I dont know, emotional? Significant? Moments I’ve seen in a webcomic. Just. AWESOME.

Mom only reacted that way when she saw the real form. And she had an interesting expression when she asked if it was a dream. Perhaps Michelle isn’t the only one who got dream visits, the memory triggered with the sphinx in front of mama.

Augh, we’ve got to wait a whole week to find out what Janice is talking about! This was a great page, though, and it’s always nice to see sphinxes again. :)

Also, good luck with the tattoo! :)

Wait, wait, wait, I thought her dad didn’t manage to turn during his lifetime!?

Kory, your plot thickener is of an exceptional brand. May I get the name of the store at which you purchase it?

Turning into a sphinx isn’t such a big surprise to her mum, if I was her I would be more concerned about her steadily growing arm chair.

Seriously, go back three pages or so. IT’S EATING HER ALIVE!!!

That….that was unexpected. And I lost my shit. HE KNEW. THEY KNOW. WHAT IS- lksdjfsd

Oh MAN, I cannot wait for the next page. This is going to be GREAT.

I saw this and made a little squeee. Good job nobody else is awake; they’d be giving me funny looks. I love this so much! I can never wait for Skin Deep to update. And now I gotta wait. -jigs up and down impatiently-

I just couldn’t believe she could have been married for so long and not have known. At the very least, she would have noticed he never showered without his medallion. Now I picture Peter Falk saying “You’re very smart. Now shut up.”

She knows. Well, there we go. But she still looks seriously shocked and unhappy. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what this means… but I simply cannot resist and will do so anyway. >:=)=)>

The sphinx has returned to her native land, and now confronts her mother on the banks of denial. Denial is deep and wide and will be difficult to get past, if the sphinx can manage it at all. In fact, denial appears to be getting stronger; we may even get to see denial flood, forcing the sphinx to take flight, and bearing her mother away to lunacy.

>:=)PUNS AWAY!!!)>

Oh, and may you have good fortune and steady arm muscles at the tattoo studio, Kory and Ben, and straightforward healing thereafter.

As much as I love everything about this comic, especially all the character design, I’ve always felt Michelle should be larger in fullform. >> It’s probably just me, but she seems small for a lion-bird-monster.

It seems like a good size to me. I don’t think she should be bigger than Jim, that would just seem off to me. I think if she has a mostly human like head then that should be about the same size, we don’t want big head Michelle after all, and everything to me seems proportional to that. The idea of small physical form with large magic abilities would also be a good trope to use here.
But if I recall correctly Kory does female sphinxes as Greek sphinxes and males as the wingless Egyptian type. Perhaps the males would be physically bigger? Even though Michelle is just a kid in Issue 1, Page 15 it looks like her dad even if not larger looks heavier rather than the leaner Michelle.

Michelle is also still a teen. Not entirely done growing yet. I grew another whole inch in my very early 20’s. And I knew one guy who grew 5 more inches at age 23!! Very uncommon, but still.

This is an odd bit of clothing retention shes got going on there, losing everything but the long sleeved tee.

Well, maybe when she gets a bit less modest, she’ll end up doing like Merial and go without. But until then, well, I’m guessing she really doesn’t want to end up shirtless in front of her mom. XD

I could see it coming. Mrs. Jocasta HAD to know. When two people are that in love (and I get the impression they were) you can’t keep “I’m really a big lion-bird monster thingy” a secret. This is going to go well. And I agree with deleting the last panel. The page had to end with “you look just like Michael.”

But Kory said that Michelle’s dad never knew he was a Sphinx.
He spent his whole life living as a human without ever turning.
Kinda easy to keep a secret if you don’t even know it yourself. =P

this is so freaking cool!! i had a feeling that her mother knew about her husbands secret… like think of it, HOW DID HER FATHER KNEW ABOUT THE SPINX THINGY!!! where would he get the medallion from in the first place??? so she had to know in case something as such appeared!!! :3 but of course wasn’t told the dirty details of HOW that was going to happen or if it was going to be moved to the next of kin :P BAD Micheal

I cannot express how awesome Michelle’s lion faic is. And Michelle lion in general.
Her sphinx form is awesome sauce.

And also mom is having a freak out. D: (though I wonder if when she gets over it she’ll go OIDNOISCNIUNCIUDNC JESUS CHRIST ITS A LION or UGUUU SO FLUFFY. I cannae imagine Daddy Jocasta as fluffy, if he came out at all. She may just be referring to the facial structure thing.)

Don’t touch that Medallion Janis! you’ll probably turn into something like a Nguruvilu, Jersey Devil, Ahuizotl or some other weird critter!

excellent job Booker! :D

I like the way you depict sphinx Michelle. Such a beautiful blending of female human and feline facial features. There’s no doubt you’ve done a huge amount of experimentation to get just the right result. Have you done a highly detailed rendering that you can share with us? Or perhaps it already exists somewhere among these webpages?

Uhhh, Guys, …..
Has it ever been established anywhere that the name of Papa Jocasta is Michael. Michael could be some other sort of relative, could he not??? Maybe a child instutionalized because he was deemed to be a deformed monster. Mama Jocasta’s first husband, etc. etc. Mama Jocasta has seen a sphinx before, but she had no idea what Michelle was talking about. Having seen one in a dream is plausable but not the only possible scenario. Having seen a sphinx somewhere somehow but not making the connection to what Michelle was describing would indicate that whatever sphinx she saw she did not know about it running in familes or did not understand about the ability to transition between apparent human and full form.

You mean besides his page on the character listing under the Orientation cast page? Near the bottom, name being exactly”The Shade of Michael Jocasta” but, thats just the “character” given’s official name, its literally the shade, a memory, of Michael Jocasta.

Oh! I did not think to look there I only checked the past pages of the story and did not find it there.

Of course that makes me wonder just why her mother did not recognize what she was saying.

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