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The fridge door; It tells you things about people, sometimes too much.

the oboe is awesome!!!! you have made this more of my favorite comic because of that (I play oboe by the way and plan to major in it).

Also sorry if the sentence above doesn’t make sense… lots of travel recently has made me very tired.

strangely enough…Michelle’s band uniform looks nearly identical to MY old band uniform. Same colors and everything!! *L*

I am not subtle at all and I just used my own high school’s colors. Black and gold, baby! Go Eagles!

high school… colours? you americans are funny

Like house colors in Harry Potter. Or sports teams’ colors. Even our elementary schools have school colors!
(Black and gold sounds rather nice – my high school had goldenrod and burnt orange: thank you, the 70s.)

…I’m canadian, too, and my school’s colours are red and white.
How original, I know.

Black and Orange. (The Texas High Tigers.)

I *hated* our band uniforms, though. They were made of wool (black, with orange highlights and white piping). They were not warm in the winter, not cool in the summer, and I’m convinced that the crossbelts were designed as a torture device for freshmen. The hats only seemed to come in two sizes: Too big and too small.

And despite it all, I have fond memories of those years.

It’s okay. Band dorks are awesome dorks (also, the perviest of the dork species).

lol our fridge looks like that but with art projects to, but wait I’ve never seen an oboe player in marching band!

(have a couple of friends one that plays oboe and another that plays bassoon and they had to switch to clarinet to play or saxophone. didn’t think double reeds worked all that well for marching)

by the way that is a sweet marching uniform, wish my high school had been cool enough to have uniforms like that. we had windbreakers and tux pants.

I’d describe the potential of a marching oboe-player as “fun”, but only because I’m a flautist….and we were mildly infamous in one school symphonic band for singing along (falsetto) to the famous oboe solo in Swan Lake. We were better than the oboist, and that’s what counts, even if we weren’t exactly the most Manly Men of Music ever. Marching with an oboe sounds possibly very painful for all concerned….

I would have thought that too, but I saw a marching bassoon in the Rose Parade a few years back. It was wicked. I of course play bassoon now. I’d never march with it myself. Oboe would be a little easier due to the stability of the arm positioning and angle of the reed.

I wonder why they were in Ann Arbor? Hmm… I wonder where the Ann Arbor Avalon is.

There is a big art fair in Ann Arbor! Or at least there was in the early ’90s.

I always knew I liked Michelle. Woodwind band geeks represent! :P

Now that I’m over the total unfairness of the cliffhanger (kinda… sorta… no, not-really), I can comment on the stickers. Reading through, I was gonna ask for a full-form reverse gryphon picture, but the one you have on there looks adorable! Very pouncy, like a cat leaping up out of tall grass after a rabbit, or something. I honestly don’t know why you’re the first to think up these different gryphon breeds, because they seem like common sense, but I’m glad it was you!

Now all I need is Sam leaning against or sitting atop his full-form brother Dermot, and I can die happy. Tell me I’m the only one who wants this!


And wow, Michelle really does take after Michael!

The gryphon stickers are awesome XD. I’m still saddened by the lack of dragons and sphinxes… Why’d they have to do something silly like murdering each other anyway!?

love the photos they ive the sense of a life lived before all theses shinanigans started up and i can just picture michelle’s mom wandering around the kitchen occasionaly glancing over them it’s one more detail that makes the house feel really lived in
but one question occurs to me and (as far as i’m aware)it hasn’t been asked before, that is, how long do sphinxes live?
we’ve established that mained griffin’s live twice as long as most other spieces but sphinxes from everything said about them
they strike me as the galapagos tortoise of magical species
anybody want to add thier thoughts?

Why there no be any sea gryphon sticker? D:

I’ve been playing oboe for over 20 years. Oboes can’t march in marching bands or, at least, in the type that you’re picturing for the real Michelle. Among other things:
1) They have no way to hold the music, which most marching bands use; a clarinet has a ring that you can put between the first and second joints, but an oboe can’t do that.
2) There aren’t any oboe parts; usually, it’s flute-only in that register
3) It’s dangerous to march with an oboe: if you trip, you’ll drive your reed through your soft palette
4) They’re really hard to hear on a large scale

I’ve seen them march in scatter bands, which will allow bagpipers and violins to march along with them, but oboes aren’t a marching instrument. I had to swap to sax.

Hello! Kory’s sister here! I can totally understand your comment, but I think Kory is referring to our concert/marching band experience that we grew up with in Missouri. We, oddly enough, wore our marching uniforms for our concert band performances as well. I actually have a photo of me playing the oboe wearing my marching uniform, though I am heading off to a concert band performance :)

all of your points are correct, however :) Our school was just a bit bizarre.

Ahh, the oboe…the most noble of all the woodwind instruments. I spent nine years in band through my years of school, and if there’s one thing I learned…it’s that to get two oboes to play in tune, you shoot one of them. There’s a reason that having the date and time that two oboes managed to play in tune stayed in a prominent place on the whiteboard for the rest of the school year.

In short, I love it. :)

An art fair, huh? Maybe trolling for old or lost medallions?

Trolling? Do you mean trawling perchance?

Oops. I’m from the Midwest. “Trolling” was running a lure out behind a slow-moving boat in hopes of getting a fish to strike. It was also a generic term for moving around looking for something. This was back when computers still had tape drives. Even now, I still use the word in that sense, long after the more common internet term has taken over.

A common usage in my age group long ago was “trolling for girls” downtown.

I think it’s one of those midwest things where the language has turned it into another word! I’m also familiar with “trolling” in the sense that you are using it, but I think it is supposed to be “trawling,” just turned into “trolling” with the local accent. It’s similar to how I thought the word “hollow” (as in a valley in the woods) was “holler” for years, because that is how it was pronounced where I was from. : )

tl;dr: in the midwest, trolling = trawling

Ah! Random page! Nooo! That fridge is so decorated compared to ours. We had magnets of the person who sold us our house on there for a while since she sent them to us, but then our cat decided Terry Goidson made a better hunting target than fridge magnet :/ The oboe picture is so fantastic. I marvel at the fact that you even got keys and things pretty close to where they should be O.O

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