Issue Four page 3


OK, what if he goes through a door that’s big enough for a human but not for his true form? What happens then, huh? Answer me that!

I like how in panel 6 the beak grows out of the air onto his face, rather than growing out. Nicely demonstrates the not-actually-shapeshifting illusion magic at work here.

I have to call the creator out on that.

There *must* be some physical changes that happen – otherwise they wouldn’t be able to use fine motor skills, such as writing etc.
Remember how she had to carry boots in her mouth because her paws weren’t dexterous enough/physically capable of gripping items? Explain this, eh!

It’s also possible that Jim doesn’t know everything about the subject. He also may be simplifying it for Michelle.

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the tumbles
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Anthony Gillis, Blanche Noir, Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald, Pheonix, and Royce Carmikal created by Sfé Monster.
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