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I’m guessing it’s a bit like trying to explain exactly what a particle accelerator Does, and what they’re using it for to, say, my Mum. There’s nothing more fun than trying to explain something complicated to someone who really doesn’t get it.

Particularly when you don’t fully understand it either. This sounds like someone who knows the basic uses of a computer trying to explain not only HOW a computer works, but WHY, and to someone that expects him to know everything just because he knows more than they do.

An ignorant person is someone who has just found out what you already know
– Will Rogers

And an expert is someone who already knew what you have just found out

Lol I bet this to prevent all the readers from asking these same questions.
I just go along with it like Jim does…

I agree…My imagination thinks that their clothing is stored in a magical closet floating somewhere in the universe…My imagination does not make sense…

Not all that far-fetched from a scientific standpoint.
Well, theoretical science notwithstanding, but it’s still theoretically possible!

Tim: “Look, all you have to know is that it isn’t a transformation; it’s just identical to one in every conceivable way to the point where there is no viable explanation for it being anything else. It’s just like what happens when the author of a story REALLY INSISTS on abusing terminology that is clearly improper for the topic because it evokes the emotional connotations she wants – it’s best to separate the data from the premise and move on.”

I’ve been thinking about how medallions work, and the theory I’ve come up with is that the medallion creates a hammerspace for mass that is not needed at the moment. Kind of like (spoilers) how the Finn family caves work. And since the spell is so complex I assume that it may be semi-sentient and has a very nice grasp on how to manipulate time and space.

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    Thanks to everyone who came to see me at VanCAF this weekend! I had a great time and I’m all fired up to get more work done!

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