Nixie Spit 6 – Monetary Value

There aren’t a lot of pages left of Nixie Spit! That kinda snuck up on me! I hope you are enjoying this short little silly thing. : )


Someone bring out the giant hair dryer from Space Balls!

while that is a great idea, theres two issues.
1: no giant plugins, unless somewhere in the Missouri Ozarks, theres a breed of tree that have evolved a natural generator of electricity, and an outlet for every size of electrically wired device.
and 2: that would deny Merial the chance to use her Water control-y thing which is my theory on what her plan is, which would be wicked awesome.

Ah… I thought she was just going to get a hair dryer, didn’t cross my mind that she might use her powers… which will still be awesome. I can’t wait to see what happens next, can you?

ROFLMFAO!! THAT is the PERFECT tool for situations like this! (Plus your comment sparked a spit-take on this end!)

So… if medallions are a sort of illusion, space compressing/bending magic; does nixie spit cause an actual transformation?

Oh jeez Jim’s lost his legs. That’s kinda really creepy?

I think it’s a little from column A, a little from column B. Apparently the transformation isn’t forever, or at the very least reversible. Otherwise it would be less hilarious and more cruel, and Nixie “Essence” just wouldn’t be as popular. If it was even allowed to be sold at all.

First thought was that Jim was going to lose his mane for a moment, second is that Merial is going to draw the water out.

I’d love for Merial’s magic spit to save the day someday.

A lot about using “Nixie Essence” to prank people and such.

If it’s that easy to come by, you’d think more people would use it to do things like explore the Great Barrier Reef and stuff. It’s not like you’d be out in public a hundred feet underwater.

my thinking is that because Nixies are, far as we can see with Merial, fresh water creatures, and as such, their”victims” are made into fresh water breathers as well. Ask a marine biologist, throwing a fresh water fish into salt water or vice versa is basically killing the poor creature. Salmon, and a few other species of fish can pull off the switch, but its not an instant transition, and is a physiological rearrangement.

Another idea that came to me during this typing is; who says they haven’t used this means to explore the reef, and possibly deeper areas, to at least the limits of the living body?

I’ll have to remember not to kiss a nixie. I’d rather not have fins for a while.

more like”don’t kiss a nixie in an overly cliche emotional rain storm/sprinkler/waterfall/ other cliche sources of falling water,” hell, avoid romantic waterballoon fights and you’re set to snog nixies.

Michelle walks in, says “What–”
Jim and Merial both finish her sentence at the same time: “..the crap.”

I think a nixie would make a great GF. But only if you liked water.

I share your pain Jim. I have the thickest hair in the world…Takes a couple hours to dry on its own XD

Magical Spit! :3

well, I thought that that Merial would invite Jim for a swim into some deep spot in the river or an underwater cavern, now that he can breathe through his gills. It is such a cool opportunity.

Out of sheer curiosity, does Merial’s love for nudity translate into her human form? Or does she only parade around in her birthday suit when she’s in Nixie mode?

If Merial can control water, and Jim’s mane is soaked…I forsee her moving him around Yoda-force-style, maybe even spinning him dry at 45 rpm.

Anyway, what would it feel like if all the water on your body suddenly decided to /crawl/ off of you? Would it tug on your hair in passing?

…also, Kory, you have mastered the art of being a big tease. I can only see a single pixel of Merial’s fun bits – which might be scales when she’s like this, so no joy for me.

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