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Mantis time?

I’m thinking Ravi was the bird we saw in the carvings in the tomb, and in Michelle’s Vision

I was thinking the same thing. But then I remembered that they are guarding a phoenix egg, and the bird we saw may have been the phoenix.

Soooo was Ravi that bird thing that was with Phineas on this page ->

This dude is starting to annoy me.

For me it’s not Ravi that’s a bit unnerving but Jim in these last few pages. While it’s 100% understandable I’m not used to seeing him this genuinely pissed off. It’s like we’re looking at a different person. Again, understandable, but I hope that we’ll see the good old happy Jim again soon because I can’t help but suspect this is going to permanently affect him for quite a while now.

On the flip side, I can see a situation playing out now where Jim is forced to do something that he isn’t used to (like something with this power or whatever) giving Michelle the opportunity for some long awaited revenge for being pushed off that cliff. I really want to see Michelle get some payback for that at some point. lol

Jim has never been comfortable around Ravi, and now Jim has learned that Ravi is why Jim has the green hair and the height, and all the teen angst that bought. And then you add to that Ravi not giving Jim any straight answers about just what the Hell is going on.
It is little wonder at all that Jim would be angry and frustrated at this whole turn of events.

Also judging by his comments in this page, Ravi has no sympathy for any problems his “Gift” might have caused Jim.

To be fair Ravi was under the impression that Jim had not only awareness, but control over the magical powers that his gift gave him. But up till this point green hair and a perpetual bump on the head/stoop are about all the gift has brought to Jim.

Ravi clearly gave a very poweful gift and he’s not quite cottened onto the fact that its totally been forgotten or supressed to the point where Jim really has no clue at all

It’s kind of interesting to see Jim in the position where he’s the one on the recieving end of oddness as opposed to Michelle. I just really hope we get some info dump soon on what is going on; with all the stalling going on a sudden vanishing or theft/death/magicalthingy that drags Ravi away will be a nightmare for us readers – leaving us further in confused torment (and the characters too)

…and then there’s the blue-haired little brother to worry about, too. I wonder what Ravi’s going to think of the *newest* Finn to carry his gift, hmmm? Young, impressionable and trainable; Jim’s going to rain down nine kinds of Hell on Ravi (or try to, at least) if he tries to cart Colin off.

Ooooh, I very much doubt the Finns will let anyone cart off one of their young. His mother especially seems like a very protective parent, and I’m sure his dad can be fierce if he’s of a mind to. I’m sure they’ll work with Ravi to make sure Colin is trained, but there’s no way they’d let him do whatever he likes with their cub.

Birthdays and Halloween are the best excuses for not updating your comic! I’m doing the exact same thing with my own comics and so I understand. Let’s all have a wonderful Halloween! May our houses not get egged, our teeth rot, nor get horribly sick!

don’t worry about it HAPPY!?!?!?!? BIRTHDAY???!?!!!!! KORY BING??!!!!!

I’ve been following your comic since Exchanges Handshakes and ugh your work is fantastic. Have a wonderful birthday and may your days be stressless and magnificent


I also noticed that Merial, Greg, Jim and Michelle could dress up as the cast of Scooby Doo for Halloween Kory!

Jim would be Daphne, Kory!


No! *flails dramatically* I don’t wanna wait anymore!!

*sighs, still dramatically, and pulls head out of own ass and perks up* I hope you have a really fun birthday! Mine is on Thanksgiving this year. (It’s a BIG and important one too!) I wouldn’t be so “devastated” if your storytelling weren’t so compelling! ^_~ You put a LOT of work in and it shows in the quality. Thank you so much!

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