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Shade of Le Corbusier: Dis is a machine for not living in.

Shade of Frank Lloyd Wright: The physician can send his mistakes here, but the architect can only advise his clients to plant vines… or in this case, set fires.

Vera: (conspiratorial whisper) They’re right, but don’t say it out loud!


I really like the eerie, almost uncanny-valley-ish architecture on display (heh. on Dis-play.). It makes me think of something procedurally generated, or made by someone…some*thing*, maybe…that has an idea *of* architecture as a concept but doesn’t quite know what it’s for. Or it feels like an installation piece that has been long abandoned and exposed to the elements, outliving its aesthetic presence.

I bought my bat facts. They are really good. I have zero regrets on the bats. Go buy the bat zine everyone! It’s a very good zine. Kory should make a kindle version…

Really enjoying seeing this old-Cheshire-similar Dis. The brutalist architecture is beautiful too. Very fascinating.

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