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I think Madame U is just being a good/tricky salesman here. Remember the last storyline, where we found out she tests with the most expensive medallions first? She is going for the big sell again.

– Claim it does exactly what the customer wants, but phrase it in a way that they can’t come back demanding a refund later.
– Refuse to sell it to drive up the price.

Betting this thing does something completely different.

Look at that offer Mme. U. You know you want it. >:=)>

I can think of numerous ways in which a mischievous, impulsive glaistig could obtain such a sum of money. I can think of numerous ways that she could conceal it about her person (especially if it were all in fifties). Where I’m coming up short is how it would have remained in her possession without having been blown on some other impulse purchase prior to this moment. Does she rigorously maintain a “mischief emergency fund” for such occasions?

Ha. I get it. She’s been saving her “bucks”. Like deer.

That is actually true. A very long time ago, an entire “buck” was worth one dollar. It quickly became common for people to use the word buck in place of dollar. That said, I’m not sure why people still say it today.

It’s shorter to say, and like you mentioned, it’s now commonplace. Highly unlikely that something that is easier to say and faster to spell to be dropped when the generations are getting lazier and lazier. We still call races with a suprise win an “Upset.” Even though that came into place just under 100 years ago, we still use the term, and most don’t even know where it came from.

The only race Man o’ War lost was a race against Upset, and it was an unfair start. This was before the time of starting gates, so what they did was line all the horses up(I think they had a piece of string that they would drop?) and when they were all facing forward they’d let them loose. Man o’ War was still circling when the string dropped, so he was in dead last. By the end of the race, he was a half length behind Upset, and came in second. A few weeks later in another race Upset was entered in, Man o’ War creamed him. Anyways since then races with unexpected winners have been referred to as “Upsets.”

Why does she have EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS IN CASH on her?! Does Madame U not take debit cards? This is a reasonable question.

Also, I bet this thing makes her a neon, smoking hot spot on a bugbear’s radar.

I’d imagine the whole Avalon is cash only. They wouldn’t have a debit-credit system unique to the Avalon, and UK-wide banks would probably scratch their head at transactions in businesses that *aren’t supposed to exist at all.* Electronic payments are huge beacons.

Assuming the magical roof doesn’t block cell phone signals, a vendor inside could probably get away with using their smartphone and a credit-card charging app to make sales. You see a bit of that at places like conventions where no one has credit card phone lines set up. (That relies on the customers having credit cards, of course. Monsters that can’t take human form probably have a hard time with that sort of thing.)

Madame U doesn’t seem like the most modern person, though, so I could totally see her being cash-only.

And the Talisman being the bugbear equivalent of a ‘kick me’ sign would be great. :D

Huh. I thought until this point that Lily had said 500 pounds *cash.* So my theory goes out the window (it’s possible to get a better deal by offering cash, because the money is guaranteed–no chance of bouncing checks or credit issues) .

Why do you think your theory goes out the window? It’s stated in the comic that she has 500 pounds cash. : )

How did she come into contact with that about and why is she only NOW using it? Me thinks the money may be fake….

Y’know, depending on how exactly that “internal radar” works, it wouldn’t surprise me if the talisman blocking her just makes her more obvious. After all, if you have a decent idea about what’s around you at all times, then wouldn’t a big honking blank spot in that knowledge, trying to sneak up on you, pretty much be a big neon sign saying “something’s going on here”? At least, that’s a fairly common way of defeating most cloaking fields, simply scan for something that should be everywhere and go to/shoot at/whatever the blank spot where there isn’t any of it.

She has 500 quid up her sleeve (or wherever)

It’s not ‘bucks’, it’s ‘quid’.

Thus you can make the cheesy joke where you hand over a poorly octopus and say; ‘here’s that sick squid I owe you’.

Before running away.

Thank you.

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