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Illumination 2 Page 12

Illumination 2 Page 12 published on 24 Comments on Illumination 2 Page 12

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Did she just catch Ravi? Oh boy. Can’t wait another week.

oh oh! the carefree shell is cracking!

My prediction from what he’s said is that he didn’t expect the gift to leave with him. He’s naturally carefree (his longevity might mean that if it takes less than 100 years to happen, it’s just something brief and exciting to him), popped off to India for a bit (falling out with some of the Finns? Nothing major, but he took some space), comes back and finds the knowledge has been lost. I mean come on, it’s only been 8 generations, that’s nothing (to Ravi)!

Realizing the gift left with him hurt. Perhaps he hasn’t had time (in his view) to process the ramifications, and his reaction to finding out.

Michelle’s question is forcing him to consciously face the fault, before he’s ready, when he’d rather just deal with dinner and the interesting stuff right now, and address the Gift in a few days when there’s not other stuff going on. I mean, to him a few days might be like a couple minutes to us.

I think it is a case of common I-hate-to-admit-I-did-wrong taken to extreme, complicated by off-the-cuff thinking. Sometimes it leads to further complications such as constipation of the mind and diarrhea of the mouth. Immortals often have very extreme cases, resulting in moral procrastination. (“I’ll get around to improving my character sometime during the coming decade.” “I must apologize to What’s-His-Name soon. What, he’s dead? Never mind.”)

Anyway, I suspect he went back to India because the inhabitants of the Liverpool Avalon ran him out of town . . . and the county . . . and the country . . . and Europe.

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From the discussions which happened in his shop, in the first chapter of Illumination, we already know that Ravi did not expect that the abilities of his Curse would vanish from the family line, upon his leaving the UK.
Chapter 1, page 32.

It wasn’t technically the UK yet when he left; that was one of the many things that changed while he was gone.

In the sixth century, it was a patchwork of kingdoms, principalities,etc., like pre-Bismark Germany; a protracted feeding frenzy condensed it down to three. At around 900, the northwest coast of modern England had been settled mostly by Norwegians.

It wasn’t until 1707 that England, Scotland & Wales (together occupying the whole island of Albion) joined to become Great Britain. When Ireland joined in 1801, it became the United Kingdom.

So it’s not Ravi that infodumps Michele, but the egg, right? I hope the vision is more coherent and we can follow along with it, else I can imagine this chapter being rather short


Why would it be anything fancy?
The War is over.
The Plan(tm) is working. The Medallions work. The Avalon has started. The Curse has successfully appeared in the next generation (Phineas II). The Sphinxes have safely gone into Hiding and the legend of them being Made Extinct because of the War has started.
With everything working smoothly without need for involvement or intervention is there any obvious reason or need to hang around?

Oh dear. I don’t think this is as simple as saying that he forgot. That face in the last panel looks more like there were circumstances why he had to leave. And perhaps a really personal one! Ravi doesn’t seem like the type to selectively leave people with much fate in store for them.
Considering Ravi was one of the old team, I think the enemies had their own plans for dealing with him.

Guys! I rereading the past chapters when I got to Illumination page 5 were Michelle has her Phineas vision. I think that Raven was Ravi in disguise. That’s way he isn’t mentioned in the family history. Everyone probably thought he was Phineas’ familiar or something. And that oval thing in the bottom left is the Phoenix egg making medallions with swirly magic.

Which explains why James is even here right now. Ravi could lead Michelle to the egg cause he knows where it is, so why need James. In the vision, both Ravi(if that’s him) and Phineas were round when the egg’s magic was working. The Finn bloodline is the key that Ravi used to help lock the magic away. That’s another reason why the Finns needed to hang around, they are literally the key.

I understand the vision now.

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