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Greetings From Dogpatch 25: Besides You

Greetings From Dogpatch 25: Besides You published on 19 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 25: Besides You

If you’re in the Portland area this weekend, don’t forget to stop by Stumptown!! I’ll be sharing a table with Sfé Monster (who gets into town tomorrow, I’m so excited!!!!). I hope to see you there! Come to table D7! (click the image for a bigger version of the floor map!)


“Hey Myra, you can take the eye patch off now, its not like you need it as a disguise at the moment.”

Personally I would take it off every chance I got, I’d miss my binocular vision.

But then she might forget to put it back on.

In fact, think of all the fictional characters out there that have one of their eyes glowing in a dysfunctional manner like hers. I’m thinking of the possibility that some of these might have been inspired by sightings of her, back before she made it her practice (or was forced) to leave it on all the time.

Plus, what could be more badass than a bugbear with an eyepatch? >:=)>

When you wear something habitually, not wearing it can feel weird. Plus, akin to what Greenwood Goat said, if they don’t plan to stay long, if could feel a bit pointless to take it off just to put it back on a short time later.

Besides, eyepatches look kinda creepy. Bugbears love to look creepy.

Well, it is official, nobody is particularly happy right now…. Gabe is angry and disbelieving of the inattention of the DogPatchers, Myra still has her nose out of joint (even if she has been proven right), the DogPatchers are confused and even Damien’s pyrrhic win would be very painful….. unhappy campers all round.

Mind you, it has been great to see an amazing new range of expressions from Gabe…. up until now he has been indifference city…. “For the love of….” had me snickering to myself, both phrase and expression!

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