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Dammit Bloodcarver, use your words! Yoinking is not words!

That second panel is pretty fantastic though. Even though it’s not a huge image, he still makes for an imposing dragon with a lot of pointy ends. Maybe it’s just all those muscles, scars, and claws on display.

Well seeing how they are yelling, our dragon probably has around ten minutes to make their case for people who clearly aren’t inclined to listen to anything they’re about say, so… Since Bloodcarver only wanted to talk to Michelle… Far easier to just remove her from the current setting and take her somewhere nicer.

It’s not like Bloodcarver is making the situation any worse either. Greg would have nonetheless tried to summon all the defensive capabilities of the surrounding area on old Bloody, so… No difference there either.

“All through history dragons have taken refusals and other such obstacles badly, and this sort of thing has resulted. Eventually, the growing human population brought itself to bear against them and their caprices, in the form of sheer numbers, and also in the top end of the bell-shaped curve producing ever better and more numerous hero-types and thinkers, whose successful methods of dragon-slaying were refined and reused across the land.”

Anyway… Stanley to the rescue?

again? dude you need a better way to start conversations. also sorry Michelle looks like the luck charms don’t work

“Yoink”. One wonders, who fixes the damage to the railing? Is there insurance for monster attacks? Probably not specifically for dragons if they are supposed to be extinct, but presumably you’ve got Nemean lions doing much the same.

As Greenwood goat mentioned, I wonder where Stanley is while this is going down. I’m surprised ( I forget, she? ) even let Bloodcarver pass without setting off an alarm. Or maybe she is just too timid to get involved?

Ehh. Stanley I don’t even think she’s quite as big as Bloodcarver, and lacks the armor the dragon has, and her teeth and flippers are not much compared Bloodcarver’s own teeth and claws. If she got involved, she’d likely become a casualty. Staying away from scary dragon is definitely the best idea o.o

I’m thinking I was right, BC is going to be paddling away, not flying. That’s too many scars for me to believe his wings are in decent shape.

I honestly believe he doesn’t mean ill this time, he’s not trying to kidnap her. He wants to talk civilly about something (Probably medallion-related), but knows his presence would throw the Avalon into a flurry, preventing anything useful from getting accomplished. He even approached from below, putting them above himself where he’s (symbolically at least) at their mercy. To him, he did his part to diffuse an uncomfortable situation.

And Greg panicked and started imitating the screaming goat, alerting the entire Avalon to his presence. Which means he no longer has the time for civility and needs to put as much distance as possible between ‘chelle and the Avalon, to even attempt to make his case to her. Messy, but no other option to his mind.

Ya know. its so hard to have a nice conversation when everyone around you thinks your a bloodthirsty creature that only wants for destruction. I am not surprised bloodcarver did this. its a bit frustrating to try and talk to them when they are screaming their head off.

I can’t tell if Bloodcarver just wants to talk, or if he’s decided that now that Michelle has unlocked her Sphinx powers and learned about the history of her species through the visions she had that she’s no longer an innocent bystander in the war between the dragons and Sphinxes.

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