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Greetings from Dogpatch 26: Broken Truces

Greetings from Dogpatch 26: Broken Truces published on 14 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 26: Broken Truces

I’m back from Stumptown and getting ready for Crafty Wonderland next weekend! And then two weeks after that I’ll be at VanCAF! It’s a busy month! And then after that I don’t have any conventions until September, so if you are on the West Coast and want to see me, Crafty and VanCAF are your last chances for months!

Also, look! The Skin Deep hardcovers are now up in the store! I originally was just going to sell them at conventions, but I figured out how to send the books safely through the mail so now they’re up for sale for everyone! There are actually only around 150 of these puppies left (of each book) so if you’d like one of these beautiful books, buy one now!


I simply can’t get enough of the last panel. Obidiah’s face is just so full of expression, and the background is so simplistic, yet it fits the mood just perfectly with its threatening ink tendrils and subdued psychedelic colours. Poor Obi…

Interesting that Hank wonders if there are more than one, implying these folks don’t know a whole lot about them. Hmmm, there are multiple demons–are there multiple angels?

Also, looks like Myra is getting over her pout!

Great update as usual, Kory!

Awww…. Concerned snuggle with work gloves on, so adorable.

Seriously poor Nook must be freaking out, he just saw his friend get STABBED with a SPEAR, and then have a demon driven out of him, and then finds out he’s been possessed for a while. I don;t care if you are a magic fish man,t hat has got to be awful.

So much in one update!
Again we see/hear several shades of Gabe,
Hank seems to have a default setting for nervous which includes various wing twitches,
Myra, even after that display, is still ready to call Gabe out,
Obi is going to take a long time to get over this, (Demon fingers around my brain?? Damn…shivers just thinking of that!)

Fun fact: Apparently, the church bases the appearance of the devil / demons of off the Satyr Pan who was a god in earlier religions. They took the symbology of their enemies, twisted it and used it against them. A low but effective tactic.

So, kind of ironic that a demon would possess a satyr

Not an expert myself, but whilst there was a lot of that, I could imagine it also happened accidentally every so often as well. If you think the other religion is really worshiping demons from your religion, and they tell you what their gods look like, they’ve sorta told you what your demons look like.

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