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Give the guy a break Gabe, he’s just been possessed by a demon for a unknown length of time. Given what’s happened to him and your rudeness he’s being quite helpful.

This got really Buffy really suddenly. XD

To be honest, he’s really grumpy but he needs to move fast and close this thing for their own good. The way he acts is kinda autistic really.

I kinda feel like I should being saying “fuck you” here.

I’m all for reading characters as Autistic or otherwise nerodivergent(aside from when people are using gross stereotypes or misinformation to come to such conclusions.), and if done /right/ (which is sadly rare/almost non-existent occurrence) I’m more than all for such things being cannon in stories. But what you just said really seems more like a Autistic = “moody-asshole-who-thinks-they’re-better-than-you”. Which isn’t to say Autistic people can’t be assholes, but when they are being assholes that does not mean they are “acting Autistic”.

-tilllltttssss head- Uhm as an autistic person I don’t really see where… you’re coming from with that… I mean I guess I VAGUELY do but really that’s a misunderstanding of the way we think. We CAN be moody, yes, and we CAN rush into things, and we CAN disregard how other people are feeling – but there’s a lot more to it than that. Gabe is doing those things because of /the situation/, not because of a way of thinking. (Which is what it is, honestly, much more than a “condition”.)

P.S. The way I describe autism to people who don’t experience it, or know anyone in a close, personal manner with it, is like this: everyone, generally, thinks inside a box. They may look outside it, or even take a step outside, and gather some ideas from another place. Autism is being outside the box, knocking, and no one hears you to let you in. But that’s okay! Because the box is kind of boring and crowded anyway. You’d much rather be on the outside to begin with. :3

Well, everyone’s different — I do kinda see where zzzx is coming from. I hadn’t thought of it, but now that the headcanon’s been mentioned — well, I’m never not for headcanoning characters with my neurotype.

I know that I can get frustrated and start bulldozing (or attempting to bulldoze, I’m not very effective at it) others when there’s a task I need to finish and I feel like they’re slowing me down or getting in the way, so I do sympathize with Gabe here. Not to say that it’s a good way of handling the situation, but I do understand being stressed and getting like that.

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