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Greetings From Dogpatch 28: Hellmouths

Greetings From Dogpatch 28: Hellmouths published on 15 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 28: Hellmouths

There’s a lot going on this weekend! First up, I’ll be at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival! It’s my very first Canadian convention, I’m nervous and excited! Come See me at TABLE D8.

This weekend is ALSO Wonder Northwest in Portland! I won’t be there, but I did the design for the LIMITED EDITION WNW Sticker that will be for sale at the convention! There are only 100 of them, so get there early and snag one!


Love the mottled light of the forest. And especially how Gabe is always highlighted in the cascading light.

Everyone coming along and Gabe looks determined. I can’t think of any reason why closing a Hellmouth would be easy.. or safe.

Wait, did Hank bring his shotgun?

More importantly, is he loaded for demon – with silver double-ought shot? Or would Gabe be able to do an on-the-fly transmutation at the crucial moment?

No, he didn’t. It’s his wing. Look at the last panel, and then the fourth panel. You can see the lines of his feathers. I’m assuming he just had his wings crossed and the angle made it /look/ like he had his shotgun. You certainly made me look twice for it :)

I simply love the fact you didn’t give Gabe/Gabriel shoes. :P it must be an angel thing.

Well, to be fair, we didn’t evolve to wear shoes. It’s a comfort thing, not a necessity thing.

Case in point #1: the isolated tribes in Africa and South America that never wear shoes.

Case in point #2: Me. I go barefoot as often as I can get away with it, in any kind of weather, and (almost) any surface. By now, my calluses have calluses.

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