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Illumination 20: Sexy Gossip

Illumination 20: Sexy Gossip published on 47 Comments on Illumination 20: Sexy Gossip

Colin’s clothes are hand-me-downs from Tobias. He might be a surly creature full of salt and vinegar, but he sure does love his pocket monsters and has for a long time.

I got a lot of questions (some angrier than others) last week about Lorne’s shirt: it doesn’t mean anything specific. I am friends with Brian Lee and I think his ‘brian lee‘ shirt is hilarious. And also easy to draw. And also a shirt that Lorne would buy and wear, which is why he is wearing it. You may be familiar with Brian Lee’s work from famed internet comics “Tuesday Again No Problem” or “Buntain Simpson.”

ALSO: I am going to be at SDCC next week! I don’t have a table, I’m just walking around. It’s my first SDCC! This means: there may be a hiccup in Skin Deep’s schedule. I’m TRYING To get two fresh pages done before I leave so I don’t miss an update, but I can’t promise! If you’re going to be at SDCC, keep an eye out for an Imperator Furiosa cosplayer, it might be me!


Don’t worry, Parent! I will not do what you just said not to do!

Pffft, of course I am!

Oh Colin. Colin Colin Colin Colin. That little adventure is gonna end up with you with a stinging bottom

Look at Mama Finn’s censorious expression as she admonishes her youngest son! Nobody in the LA could possibly connect this blue-haired moppet with the blue-tailtufted scion of an old and eminent local family well known for colour curses! He’s going to be in big, big trouble! >:=)> If he even makes it as far as the toy shop, he’s going to be apprehended by the staff and closely detained!

Colin: I AM Colin Finn!

Shop staff: Well, you’re certainly cute enough, but I’m not convinced! ♥

Colin: I’ve got a medallion!

Shop staff: *pffft!* Anyone can get jewellery, just like anyone can have blue hair – I’m sure there’s an undyed root or two in here! *giggle* *tousle* ♥


Alec Hyde (passing shop door): …Never seen you before in me life, mate. Keep a close eye on him, ladies, he looks like trouble. °w°

Colin: My mum’ll be here soon! She’ll tell you all!

Mary Finn: *peers carefully out from behind tree outside* *waits to catch the eye of one of the shop staff* *smiles and waves to them* *heads back to family* Right, it should be at least quarter-of-an-hour before they let him loose, so let’s head off to the tearoom for some grownup time. I did warn him! You all heard me warn him! :->


So much love I have for this story so far. :)

On Comicon-
Sadly, the immense crowds put me off of Comicon years ago.
I still get pro reg paperwork, but my steadily growing inability to deal with that many people in one place made me finally just decide it was better to stay home.


I’d have liked to have had the chance to go to Comicon.
I’ve never been one for dealing well with crowds. I would have at least tried.
Add the hassles of my wheelie walker into the mix, and for me now, Comicon is now Access Denied.

I started going to comicon in the 80s, when it was in the old convention center.
It was maybe a few thousand people?
Now its hundreds of thousands, and the new convention center is about a mile in length, and the con uses it all.

And its jam packed to the rafters with people during the event.

I was going for one day since the late 90s, but you can’t see the whole con in two days.

Lots to see, lots to do.
But more than I can handle these days, sadly.


Hmmm… The *blushing*. Future (cute) triad impending?

Heh; I was just thinking the same thing! Hello, past lover, meet current lover….. Sometimes the only solution is the traditional ginky threesome. **amused**

Also, Colin has SO much potential for Major Trouble in the next while or so– his first time in a favorite toy shop but WITH THUMBS? Hooboy.

Well… we don’t know how Lorne’s relationship with Leah has progressed in the mean time. It could complicate things, to say the least.

Leah: This will complicate things, to say the least. It has a complexity almost worthy of… an art project! Yes! *begins sketching a relationship diagram on her gallery wall* It shall be my next project, and I shall call it…

The others: *back away from her slowly*

Leah: …but, first things first. *walks to front door of gallery, locks it, hangs up sign saying “CLOSED FOR INSTALLATION”* Now, how shall we begin?


Yay! Finally going into the Avalon, and we’re going to find out the question that has been in the back of my mind since this started: is Michelle going to try for a midform to try and conceal her ‘celebrity’ Sphinx status? Or is she going to just go for it all the way.

For born human and raised human, to be able to work on a midform, they have to be comfortable with the fact that they are not and never were human, and to be comfortable with their full form.
We already know Michelle still is not comfortable, and she doesn’t, yet, have a mid form, otherwise she would have been using it in the Finn’s home in the previous scene in this story.

Michelle is probably going to get mixed reactions when she tells the gatekeeper what she is, and anyone in the Avalon for that matter.

I’m guessing she’ll postpone that revelation/declaration for a while longer. It looks like Django isn’t even asking to see their medallions.

Considering they’re with the Finns, AND they’re being taken to the LA, it’d be treated by Django the same as when Blanche took Anthony to see the LA.
Also remember, he didn’t notice Rhonda’s Medallion that morning, till Blanche pointed it out.

My dislike for Colin continues.
I mean, it’s not like I want anything bad to happen to him. And he’s pretty well written.
It’s just that kids like that…

Children out in public, being deliberately disobedient to their parents.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
The the thought which comes to mind is they are the sort of children who need a proper spanking.

Yes! This! We must strike children until they behave like miniature adults! They must learn that while they are in public they must curb their unseemly displays of joy, wonder, and curiosity! They must learn to curb their energy and enthusiasm and comport themselves with a staid aloofness, or at the very most an amiable civility.

… know, I just thought of something. We’ve never seen what kinds of facilities, homes, shops, etc. that *aquatic* nonhumans have in this Avalon! Seriously, I know that the landborne and airborne species seem to be way in the majority, but we’ve seen a couple of nixies already (Mirelle and that guy who was taking care of the goats in Dogpatch) and there’s the big water-monster outside the Liverpoole Avalon… so I’m curious.

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