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Greetings from Dogpatch 48: The Plan

Greetings from Dogpatch 48: The Plan published on 35 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 48: The Plan

I’m going to be at APE this weekend!!! I’m sharing a table with Kel McDonald, Spike Trotman, and Leia Weathington! We’re going to be a really sassy couple of tables, so be sure to stop by and look at our stuff! Tables 607 and 608! Here’s a map, click for full-view:



Ha, knew it. Really for some reason, I did know that it will other two that will catch him.

oh my god Eustace looks so amazingly pleased with himself and gabe just looks SO stunned. he’s so about to pull that ‘right, i totally planned for that’ routine while myra sniggers in the background and marshall rolls his eyes

Gabe’s reply… perhaps?

Gabe: Angels cannot lie. So-

Myra: They can shut the he- eaven up! You did good, Eustace. You too, Hank.

Marshall: You did great, guys!

Mikhail: yeah… Yeah! They got me good! Never stood a chance! None of this rinky-dink showboating crap, either! Just threw the damn holied-up duster over me, and game over! *cracked smile*


I learned of Skin Deep last week and have been burning through the archives ever since. There may have been a few more striking or beautiful pages, but this was hands down the most satisfying for me. It should be, it should be, it should be like that!

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