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Hello, Goodbye 19: Woah

Hello, Goodbye 19: Woah published on 32 Comments on Hello, Goodbye 19: Woah

I’m making this update from a train! I’m going up to Seattle to visit my buddy Magnolia for a couple days to help her pack because she’s MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. BLUGH. The jerk.

Did you know Magnolia has a new comic? It’s called MONSTER PULSE and if you like Skin Deep you will probably like Monster Pulse! It is still a brand new comic, but give it a read!

As for this current page: I don’t have much else to say except A) I love drawing action poses and B) why did I decide that this scene had to star the TWO MOST ELABORATE SKIN DEEP CHARACTERS. These tattoos are gonna kill me.


Two things. First, I love Royce’s bored look in the first panel as he waits for Jack to come back to earth.
Second, I’m glad Tony’s finally got the hang of standing on his feet properly.

Yup, looks like his muscle memory has finally caught up with the rest of him. Now, we’ll have to see whether, say, the fight suddenly moves his way, causing him to employ the classic avian dodge manoueuvre, assisted by a powerful wingbeat. Or two. Or three. Or four. Or **WHUMP**

Blanche: Shit! Tony!!

Ooo! Capoeira!!! nice work.

Kory, I’ve got to say, your artwork has been absolutely stunning these past two pages. Your action poses and uses of angles and movement has been absolutely superb! Did you use reference for many of the poses here? Just out of curiosity?

I actually was wondering if you were just being masochistic with the pages of the two highly decorated (i.e. tatoos) characters. I’m pretty sure I’d have curled up in some corner and let my dog finish the rest of the pages. :)

I agree with the dude or dudette who said we need a Bandersnatch plushie.
I would buy it.

“…that moment when you’re reading a comic, and see posts from someone (you assume) that you used to be friends with and get all misty-eyed and nostalgic and wanna cry but don’t because it’s a common name even though you know from the syntax it was actually them.”

i have a question: will we see more of the cast from Oreintations? if so do you have any idea when?

Orientations takes place after this story-arc, right? I’m assuming there will either be another jump in time placement (let’s Tarantino it :P ) – maybe to after what took place in Orientations, maybe a merger of the casts? Whichever it is, looking forward to it :)

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