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Obverse & Reverse ch 1 Page 16

Obverse & Reverse ch 1 Page 16 published on 26 Comments on Obverse & Reverse ch 1 Page 16

That’s the end of chapter one! Wowzers! I will be skipping next week (April 23) and the next chapter will start on April 30th!

I’m currently running a sale on my store because I need to pay my taxes! All orders over $10 get a free MYSTERY BAG! What’s in the mystery bag? An 8.5×11 print, maybe some stickers, maybe some buttons, some charms, who knows! It’s a mystery!


It’s never good if you have to ask yourself that

heck, I ask myself that daily.

(yea though I hope she knows what she is doing)

I mean what’s the worst that can happen?

“I mean what’s the worst that can happen?”
thenks alot, now she is diffidently screwed

I can’t help but think that she needs bumblebee to play ” you’ve got the touch.” By Stan Bush. Anyway Mich here is a little advise for you ” he wear the flatterers of the world, for what may be music to the ears is poison to the soul.” Remember that as well as ” images can be changed, words can be false but this ( taps over her heart) this is always true” when you go to meet the father.

References from: The tapestry series by Brandon mull, and the secrets of the immortal Nicholas flamel by Michael Scott.

In my new #hc, there is Bloodcarver in sprite form, huffing and fistshaking any time one of the characters does relationshippy-gooey stuff onscreen. Also in #hc, Jim drives him to fits. Lee secretly terrifies him, and shames him all at once–because he both wants to date her, and run away. Also, she’s inferior because obv. not a dragon.

* runs away laughing maniacally * :D

Really Bloodcarver? She already agreed to do what you want. You can be patient while the two of them have an emotional moment and bond a little. At least he was patient for a little while, but he didn’t have to interrupt that cute little moment there.

Bloodcarver is honestly kinda being an a-hole here. I almost kind of felt bad for him when he first showed up early on, but he’s pretty much squished any sympathy now. You’re getting what you want, dude. Voluntarily, no fuss, no muss, no fighting, no undue attention at least for the time being. Calm the hell down and let them have their moment, however long it takes.

I don’t get why she didn’t just ask Bloodcarver to take Greg back so they could go get some friends. She has a sorcerer, a spirit, and a nemean for friends. Bloodcarver seems totally down with negotiating and doesn’t know anything about them. He seems to have even been willing to drag Greg into this if it meant completing his mission. It’s a win for everyone and Michele gets to have a reasonable expectation of coming back .

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