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Hello, Goodbye 4: A Whu-gane?

Hello, Goodbye 4: A Whu-gane? published on 79 Comments on Hello, Goodbye 4: A Whu-gane?

Oh look, it’s a baby Isaac. Magic isn’t kind when it decides to screw up.

Monster Bones was fully funded this weekend! If you haven’t read the story yet, click here to go check it out! I’m really excited about it! Sfé has a lot of great characters and stories and designs and I am thrilled to draw them.

Hey guys! I’m going to be at Emerald City Comicon! I won’t have a booth and I’m not exactly selling anything (I didn’t plan ahead), but I’m going to be hanging out with Magnolia!


Out of curiosity, what exactly differentiates those who can get or have pendents and those who don’t? I mean, why can’t those not born human get pendents? (Sorry, I might’ve missed this somewhere before…)

The only thing that differentiates them, is whether there were medallions made for that species or not. So if you are a type critter that there is no existing medallion for, then, well, no medallion for you. Certain species don’t have medallions (Harpies and Manticores for example), and magical screw ups are typically random, so the chances of there being an existing medallion are minimal to none.

I see. I had wondered why they could not get one of the blank medallions and activate those to disguise themself as human. Perhaps that might work, but I guess that has already been pointed out as being lost magic. :P

Yes, I like Ike. His mother on the other hand just seems to get worse every time she’s talked about.
Poor Ike, having to go through life being named Petrus, all his mothers’ other bad choices, those eyebrows.
I hope his mom shows up to defend herself one day, or further disgrace herself.
This page is looking pretty spiffy, I’m glad your computer got fixed so you can keep on being awesome.

Aaah, that’s gotta be a bit of a comfort to Tony. Sounds as though Ike went through exactly the same kinda beasty puberty he’s going through now. If I were in Tony’s shoes (metaphorical shoes) I’d probaby be wondering if I was a crossbreed right about now.

Also, shit, you can really only see it properly in the close up panel on deviantart, but crazy stuff going on with Ike’s fingernails when he’s transforming. Poor chap. It looks sore. Though I’m sure he had waaaay more important things on his mind at the time, all things considered.


Ahh this is really nice side to see. ^^

Its always refresing when someone else in is similair shoes as you :) And luv it how easily after a while… “it” (transformation) blends itself out. As in if i look the charecters as human or mythical beings, i STILL am able to see the same person in there :D

Thats not an easy feat so accomplish Kory ^^ :dance:

I hate pink usually, but for some reason… I like it on Ike. It makes his blue eyes stand out. Ike seems like he can be a nice guy… when the timing is right and someone needs him to be.

I don’t even really see it as pink, I see his fur as a lighter shade of the red of his hair. Pink to me tends to have more magenta in it than that. He’d probably think I was teasing him if I said he had light red fur, though. He gets a lot of crap from people.

Is it just me, or does Ike’s transformation look a lot like Michelle’s?

I think your imagining things. Michelle had a medallion and turned instantly.

Or maybe I am imagining?

Screw it, I am going to go look again.

Okey, how on earth did Michelle not notice the fur on her hand the very first time she picked up the medallion?

She didn’t have fur immediately. It was just hatching shading. For some reason, she didn’t start turning until she was back in her room, and then it happened pretty quickly. I guessed maybe it was sphinx magic protecting her from changing until it was safe to do so, or maybe she imagined/dreamed the encounter on the street to give her an explanation for suddenly having a medallion on her desk.

That means Ike’s about 32 years old?

Don’t forget that the comic takes place in 2004, not 2011. : )

What does eff you mean?

This does raise a couple of interesting questions – namely, what kind of medallion would a crossbreed use? Does Ike use a Buggane one or does he just shapeshift? And – this has been bugging me forever – besides Harpies, Bandersnatchs and Manticores what other species don’t have them?

All this while I wondered about that bandage – I kept thinking this whole time that Manticores had a club of spikes on their tailends, not spines – it just never clicked until now. xD

Just thought of something. Im assuming Jim will have to go through a metal detector when he goes to the airport and this would mean he has to remove his medallion which will expose his identity unles the medallions are enchanted to fool metal detectors or they have a special queue for mythical creatures.

You’re also assuming his medallion is made of metal. It could be made of stone or some other material that would not go off.

Metal detectors don’t pick up small things. I’ve worn my own metal necklace and rings (not to mention a jaw-surgery’s worth of metal in my face) through metal detectors and have never had them go off on me. I think Jim is okay.

I just saw this reply of yours, Kory.
The walkthough ones would pick up the small items of metal just fine.
Winter evening flight Sydney to Brisbane in July 2010. Metal zip slide on my jacket, nylon teeth. The slide set off the walkthrough.
When the security staffer ran the wand over me, it peaked on the zip slide. Lesson learned.

If he can shapeshift, could he transform completely into human or at least remove the spikes from the tail?

Okay for manticores, they aren’t trusted so aren’t given medalions (who decides this anyways ?) but what about hapies, are they considered un-trustworthy too ?

It’s not that they aren’t ‘trustworthy’ enough to have medallions. Manticores just aren’t trusted for the characteristic nature. They don’t have medallions because the art of making medallions was lost and the species that don’t have the medallions are out of luck till someone (coughTimcough)figures out how to make them. Without medallions species are classified as ‘monsters’ but how they are seen by the community is based on their general actions. QED manticores are a dangerous species. Harpies, while I’m sure they could be dangerous, don’t have those tendencies.

Has no one else noticed that Tony is 16 and is drinking beer?

Yes, but it doesn’t matter. I doubt the Avalon has to abide by human legislation of alcohol. Even if it did, in England, someone as young as 16 can drink beer, wine, or cider as long as they don’t BUY it. Since he was GIVEN the drink (it’s “on the house”, which means that technically Abigail bought it), he’s old enough.

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