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Hello Goodbye 5: Somethin’ Unusual

Hello Goodbye 5: Somethin’ Unusual published on 55 Comments on Hello Goodbye 5: Somethin’ Unusual

Good Ol’ Isaac, still dumpin’ all that info. Oh hey, it’s that Bohemian lion chick from the beginning of Exchanges, it’s like we haven’t seen her in two years or something!

I will be at Emerald City Comicon this weekend! I don’t have a table or anything, but I will be hanging out with Magnolia Pearl and generally wandering around and looking lost. I’ll be the one in the skeleton jacket crying in the corner from an overwhemled-triggered panic attack! IT WILL BE GOOD TIMES.

That random wolf guy in the third panel was supposed to be just some random wolf guy but he ended up looking entirely too much like Sfé Monster’s character Wolf to be a mere coincidence. Maybe he’s Wolf’s English rockabilly cousin. YOU DON’T KNOW, IT COULD BE.


It just me or is Ike channeling Rogue there? XD

Also, who/what is that black furred-kitty guy and where can I get one of my own?

He’s a canid. It’s all in the page comments.

Yes, Issac. How do you mean?

He means he can’t turn into half or fullform

So what sort of species would the wolf guy be?

Yeah people are jerks.
But if Tony tips the tankard up his wings are still gonna go all crazy. Or maybe he’ll just shuffle it and hope for the best. Any particular type of beer that’s suppose to be, I don’t drink but I’ve never seen a beer that light.

Yes Ike I’m sure all of the rumors about Manticore’s being monsters are entirely untrue, they probably never do anything creepy like eat live tarantulas… Oh wait.

Somebody should get him a straw.

Tony: “I don’t want to be a freakish monster! Why is this happening to me?”
Sam: “I want to be a freakish monster! Why can’t I be like my brother?”

I think I more in Sams camp than Tony. Though not for all freakish monsters, there are some even I would find uncomfortable to be.

I think the first thing I thought when I saw the preview picture on DA was “OMG, that’s adorable…and hilarious!”. Ah, Tony and your awkward wing-arms. Least he isn’t spilling it all over himself. I got curious and Wikied the drinking laws in England for kicks, seems he’s just old enough…but then I had to wonder if the Avalon even cares about drinking laws?

Happy to finally see a canine critter. Seemed like it was mostly lion-type things for a while, lol. Wolf and Dog creatures don’t seem to have as many variations as their feline countrparts, sadly…most of them just variations of the “giant wolf monster” theme. Dire wolf, Fenris Wolf, Barghest, and Cu Sith, etc.

While I’m happy to see a canid too, seing a human face with wolf markings is just a little weird to me.

I’m going to add Simargl to the list of canines that can be put into this ‘verse. Winged dogs for the win.
— Although sometimes he is a giant doomsday hound…. ^^;

Sigh… that’s the nature of prejudice – it’s largely irrational, and no respecter of anything. The body mod crowd probably get shit from the unmodded, the short-back-and-sides devotees probably grumble about the longhairs, there’s probably the usual portion of homophobes, and few take home any lessons from all of this. Indeed, pipe-smoking women aren’t common, so Rhonda the Bohemian lioness will probably get a few dirty looks when she lights hers up. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Good to see a lupine character appearing. There are lots of mythic dogs and wolves in folklore, and they can’t all have been bugbears mucking about. They’re not all black, either – the Lamper of the Hebridean Islands is pure white with red eyes. He’s usually seen running in circles and forecasting death.

BTW, that “washroom” sign must be one of the many souvenirs that the club has on display. Brits have lots of euphemisms for a toilet, but “washroom”, “restroom” and “bathroom” never gained currency over here (“smallest room” did, though!).

Has anyone thought to get Anthony a straw?

Also, perhaps that wolf guy is indeed a Fenris? That would be awesome!

Drinking beer through a straw? Bad plan. Putting a straw in your beer for you is what your server does when you’re being an arse.

On the other appendage, how Tony is drinking there looks about as awkward as all get out, soo….

Question; How can Issic be half Manacore if Manacores don’t have medalions? He said his Mum was a Buggane, so how can a lion-man sleep with a ogre-beast that turns into horses/cows without the use of a medalion?

who made it offical it was a wolf guy? it still resembles a feline to me, and it seems that if it were to be canine it may possibly have longer ears and nose. i dont know for sure though you choose.

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